Armie Hammer - The Hollywood's Cannibal

People don't believe what Armie Hammer, the actor who ruined his career with the cannibal scandal, is doing now.

Jul 11, 2022 - 04:41
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Armie Hammer - The Hollywood's Cannibal

Actor Armie Hammer was a favorite of women and he was building a Hollywood career until his dark secret came out to the public, and his brilliant career was destroyed by a series of scandals.

First, in 2020, he divorced 39-year-old Elizabeth Chambers, with whom he had been married since 2010 and with whom he has two children. His affair with his partner from the movie 'Rebecca' Lily James was the reason for the divorce. His life began to collapse completely in January 2021 when several women accused him of sexual abuse. On an anonymous Instagram profile, recordings of messages he allegedly sent to women between 2016 and 2020 were published, in which he described his sexual fantasies that included abuse and even cannibalism.

'You live only to be my slave. I will own you, it is my soul, my brain and my body. Do you want to come and be my property until the moment of death? If you want, I'll cut off one of your toes and keep it in my pocket, so you're always with me. I am a hundred percent cannibal and I want to eat you. I've never admitted it before. I need to drink your blood,' is the content of one of his messages.

In addition, one girl, who introduced herself to the public as Effie, claimed that the actor sexually and physically abused her for four hours in April 2017 and that they were in a turbulent relationship for four years while he was still married. Model Paige Lorenze said that he wanted to find a doctor who would remove her lower ribs because he "wants to smoke them, cook them and eat them", and Courtney Vucekovich said a similar thing and she confirmed that the actor likes sadism.

Armie immediately denied the accusations of rape and cannibalism through his lawyer, but it seems that they really affected him. Since then, he has largely withdrawn from the public and spends a lot of time in the Cayman Islands, and the latest news about him comes from there. Namely, the portal TMZ announced that Armie, whose career also took a downward path, is now working at a resort on the islands. The 35-year-old actor was photographed at Morritt's Resort in late June, and some witnesses have come forward to claim he works there as a real estate agent.

His lawyer, Andrew Brettler, denied these allegations, but Armie was recently filmed in the office of the mentioned resort, and he was wearing a blue shirt, similar to those worn by other employees.

TMZ states that a source revealed to them that the actor spends several hours a day in the aforementioned office,  but they also state that Armie has a friend who works at the hotel, so maybe it's just that he wanted to help him.So far, it is not known whether the actor has really decided to give up his Hollywood career and dedicate himself to tourism, or maybe he is researching for a new role and planning a return to the big screen. We will see.

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