Because of this woman, their marriage almost failed: the Beckhams were one step away from DIVORCE

The world public was buzzing about David Beckham's affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

Aug 31, 2021 - 11:16
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Because of this woman, their marriage almost failed: the Beckhams were one step away from DIVORCE

A few years ago, the news that David Beckham cheated on his wife with his assistant Rebecca Loos traveled the world.

Back in 2004, everybody was talking about the crisis in the marriage of Victoria and David Beckham due to the football player's alleged affair with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos.

After photos were published in the media in which they were very close to each other, the Beckhams urgently gave a statement to the media in which they denied any problems in their marriage. However, it was later learned that the same evening, David and Rebecca left the club together and headed for his apartment.

As a well-informed source claimed at the time, Beckham had already started kissing his assistant in the car. Caressing her hair and neck, he told her that he had been waiting for an eternity for this moment. Their relationship became known a few days later, and the revolted Victoria called Rebecca and threatened her to stay away from her husband.

Victoria and David overcame the scandal, and Rebecca used her moment of fame. She posed for Playboy magazine but also participated in reality shows. However, she did not want to be the only one to blame for everything, so she decided to sell the whole story about the fraud to the media.

Because of all that, she lost her job, and David sharply distanced himself from the whole scandal.

Rebecca is happily married today and has two sons. She works at the COVID-19 testing center, but also as a yoga instructor. She is planning to become a nurse, because, as she says, she likes to help people and feel useful.

In an interview for British OK! she admitted that during certain performances in reality shows, she felt as if she had been used for views and reputation, but despite regretting her actions from the past, she points out that she does not hide anything from her family.
She says that she is also very open with her sons: "They know that their mother took pictures for Playboy, and they are aware that I also have my "bad" side. Of course, I regret many of my actions, I made a lot of bad decisions, I trusted people I shouldn't have trusted…

I used to leave the house at 9 pm and return home at 6 am. I am now in bed by 9 pm and getting up at 6! It was a beautiful phase in my late twenties, a person is constantly evolving and changing, "Rebecca said at the end.

The Beckhams are enjoying a happy marriage today, although news of their divorce has been circulating for years. Their eldest son Brooklyn is engaged to actress Nicole Peltz and recently gave his chosen one a luxury villa.

By: Sarah R.