Best Turkish series in 2021

At the end of last year, several new projects started.

Jul 18, 2022 - 15:10
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Best Turkish series in 2021

Another calendar year has passed in which we could watch a really large number of Turkish series. It is difficult to single out one series that marked the previous period, so we will try to highlight the most important ones and touch on a large number of projects that we had the opportunity to follow in 2021.

We will start from the end of the year and this time we will talk only about television series. Digital platform series are increasingly serious competitors to TV projects and they deserve a separate text and a separate analysis. In addition to the domestic digital platforms in Turkey, of which Blu TV and Exxen stand out, Netflix continued its work in that country, and other international digital platforms will make their move toward the Turkish market in 2022. Now we will talk about current as well as completed television projects when it comes to Turkish TV series.

The end of Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz and the beginning of new series

Series Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz | Underground has been one of those that has been attracting a lot of attention over the past few years. The rating of the project was at a high level, there was a huge fan base and just as expected the new season of this Turkish series was followed by a real shock! Due to certain disagreements between the production and the ATV channel on which the series was broadcast, a decision was made to cancel the project. It really shocked and disappointed the huge army of fans of this series. In addition to a lot of disagreements and anger from viewers as well as some people who worked on this project, the series ended before the end of 2021.

At the end of last year, several new projects started. One of them is the Turkish series Mahkum | Prisoner. It is a remake of the Japanese drama The Innocent Defendant, in which the great Onur Tuna plays the main role. The project had a good start and attracted the interest of viewers. Recently, a series called Annemizi Saklarken | Hiding our mother. Kutsi, Hande Dogandemir and Ece Yasar play the main roles in it. Also, this project is still at the very beginning and it is too early to draw any conclusions about the series itself and its future. A few weeks ago, Akin Akinozu returned to TV screens. The actor who delighted many with his role in the series Hercai, is now working on a new project and a new TV series. His new series is titled Kaderimin Oyunu | The game of my destiny and it also got the audience interested. 

Destan | Epic becomes a new hit

Also new, but a series that has already become impressive and noticed is the Destan | Epic. It is a historical series in which the main roles are played by Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli. The project is signed by Mehmet Bozdag. The story of Akkiz, a fearless and dangerous woman-warrior, and Batuga, a handicapped young man and the son of a khan, has already slowly entered the hearts of viewers and is achieving very good ratings. 

Uc Kurus | The bad penny and Yargi | Verdict

Turkish series Uc Kurus | The bad penny also had its premiere in the second part of 2021. The project was announced with a lot of optimism. The triangle of the mafia, the police, and the serial killer and the story that was built on it was supposed to represent a kind of continuation of the very popular Cukur series. It only partially succeeded in that. The rating is solid, but nothing more. Simply put, these two projects are not on the same level. 

The Yargi | Judgement series attracts better results and more attention than Kurus. The script of this Turkish series was written for two years and it paid off. The screenwriter of the project, Sema Ergenekon, spent more than twenty months visiting courtrooms to understand what it all looks like in reality. In order for the series to look as close as possible to real life and reality, Ergenekon attended hearings as an observer for a period of almost two years and in addition, she visited law firms, talked to employees, and visited police stations. Kaan Urgancioglu and Pinar Deniz as the main actors in the series do a very good job, and the project in which they act and which brings the story of the members of the judicial system in Turkey is really high quality. A few days ago, it was confirmed that preparations for season two had already begun. 

What has recently become known is that the series Elkizi | The Stranger will not get a sequel in the form of a second season. This project managed to "survive" a little longer than the four series mentioned above and will have its finale in episode 13. A decent result considering the conditions that have already been discussed several times. The Turkish series Yalanci | Liar experienced a similar fate, but with slightly fewer broadcast episodes. That project was a remake of the popular British series The Liar and a total of 10 episodes were broadcast. 

Series Barbaroslar, Kanunsuz Topraklar, Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey

Historical series Barbaroslar Akdenizin Kilici | Barbaros: Swords of the Mediterranean was announced as the biggest and most expensive project in the history of TV series in Turkey. The budget of the series is huge, the visual effects are at a very high level, the actors are of high quality, and the rating is good. Nothing more than that. The series is good, it has a very good rating, but it was never even close to the rating achieved by, for example, the series that often goes "under the radar", Gonul Dagi. That project has scored ratings of over 10 in all three categories several times in a row, which is truly phenomenal. 

The Turkish series Kanunsuz Topraklar | Lawless Land and Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey | All about marriage have a slightly lower rating than the first one, but still good results. These two projects do not stand out, they have their own base of fans and viewers and will continue broadcasting in 2022. It is also not realistic to predict how long it will last. 

Ask Mantik Intikam, Ada Masali and Kalp Yarasi

Analysis of Turkish series in 2021 cannot pass without Ask Mantik Intikam series | Love, reason, get evenAda Masali | Be my sunshine and Kalp Yarasi | Heart wound. The series Ask Mantik Intikam and Kalp Yarasi will continue to be broadcast in 2022, while the series Ada Masali had its finale with the 25th episode.

A good result was also achieved by the series Baht Oyunu | Twist of Fate, which pushed out slightly fewer episodes than the previously mentioned ones and had its finale with episode 17. Considering a large number of unsuccessful projects this year, that series achieved a quite decent number of episodes. Kazara Ask series | Accidental Love came somewhere halfway and had 13 episodes. The project did not stand out in any way from a really large number of series in the course of 2021.

Post by: Rinna James