Bill Gates' great parenting methods!

Young Phoebe Adele Gates (19) is not often in the public eye, which is why she attracted a lot of attention when she was caught in New York...

Apr 25, 2022 - 07:29
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Bill Gates' great parenting methods!

She prefers not to share too much intimacy with the public and, in fact, is more modest than you might think. Young Phoebe Adele Gates (19) is not often in the public eye, which is why she attracted a lot of attention when she was caught in New York while going to lunch with her father. You know his name well - Bill Gates, one of the most successful, most famous, and richest people in the world.

Phoebe opted for a monochrome edition, consisting of a white silk maxi dress with a collar and a white jacket. She rushed past the paparazzi, not overly interested in posing, which is not surprising considering that Phoebe is not interested in popularity.

Bill and Melinda Gates are among the wealthiest people on the planet, and the ex-wife of the founder of Microsoft pointed out in an interview that raising three people in the spirit of true values ​​is her greatest life achievement. In addition to Phoebe, the couple has a son, Rory, 22, and a daughter, Jennifer, 26, and before you know their names, you've probably heard of them. The story has been known for years that the children of the Gates will not inherit their wealth, estimated at as much as 133.2 billion dollars.

"A huge amount of money for children will not be a good service," Bill Gates once said, but the American media now write that the divorce of Bill and Melinda complicates things and that their children could still get a part of the property.

Something is known about the older children of the Gates: Jennifer recently married Egyptian rider Nayel Nassar at a glamorous ceremony, while Rory is on her way to becoming a successful businessman after graduating from Duke University.

What about Phoebe, Gates' youngest child?

Phoebe was born in Bellevue, near Seattle on September 14, 2002, and today lives in the Gates eco-villa above Lake Washington, worth $ 124 million and named Xanadu 2.0.

She grew up in a house where she had a room with trampolines, a private beach with sand from the Caribbean, an indoor pool, and an artificial stream with real fish, and yet she became a very modest girl. As the media once wrote, it has always been very important for the Gates that their children share household chores, while family dishwashing has become a small tradition every night.

Phoebe attended a private high school and then enrolled in the Professional Children's School in New York, which educates promising young actors and dancers. She also attended the School of American Ballet and enrolled in the prestigious Juilliard College. Although she spent most of her time with her mother, Bill played a very important role in Phoebe's life. Phoebe is not overly active on Instagram, but according to the posts of her older sister Jennifer, it is clear that they are very close.

However, her privacy remains rather shrouded in mystery, although she did not manage to hide that the guys who dream about her have no chance: she has been happily in love for years! Since mid-2019, Phoebe has been in a relationship with Chaz Flynn, whom she met in high school and with whom she travels frequently.

It is also known that Phoebe played a key role in her parents' divorce. More precisely, when it will happen. A source close to the couple told “People” that the Gates wanted to divorce for a long time, but they decided that it would happen only after their youngest child becomes an adult.