Bradley Cooper opens up about drug addiction

A friend and colleague Will Arnett was the first to point out that he had a problem...

Jun 16, 2022 - 14:49
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Bradley Cooper opens up about drug addiction

Bradley Cooper once had huge problems with drugs and alcohol, and until people around him pointed it out - it never occurred to him to admit that he was suffering. The helping hand was given to him by Amy Poehler, Will Arnett ... But parenthood was crucial.

The actor opened his soul on this topic just a few days ago in the podcast "Wondery's Smartless" and he didn't choose the words to describe how his days used to go. “I was addicted to cocaine, depressed” - he began and added that during that period he injured the Achilles tendon so much that it broke. Since he did not have the self-confidence he does today, he used "remarks wrapped in humor" in order to hide his insecurities. “I was very arrogant, I know that I hurt a lot of people then, that is, their feelings” - he admitted. His world collapsed exactly in July 2004 at a party at Arnett's, where he treated other guests "like total as*hole and that wasn't funny at all".

That was the first time I understood that I had problems, specifically because of drugs and alcohol. Arnett and I had found ourselves "face to face" because of my behavior. He took a risk and took the first step. He was the one who had a serious conversation with me, no one else before. He almost pushed me on the road to recovery” - he explained.

However, Irina Shayk and their daughter Lee gave him special peace. “When I found out I was going to be a dad, everything that was gray got color. There is no greater happiness than that” - Bradley recalled. Cooper and Shayk, by the way, are currently raising a girl together, but they are no longer in a relationship. They broke up in 2019. “She's an amazing mother. I enjoy fatherhood. Whenever I can, I spend time with my heiress” - he concluded.

Bradley and Irina were seen together in public for the first time, probably on the first date. It was the musical “Finding Neverland”, and the next month the couple was photographed during the screening of the musical Hamilton, where the first kisses had already been seen in public.

Post by: Rinna James