Caner Topcu - the new young star of Turkish series

Turkish TV series produce some great young actors year after year. This year, young Caner Topcu is on the right track.

Aug 1, 2022 - 16:39
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Caner Topcu - the new young star of Turkish series

In the previous period, the TV series Kardeslerim | For my brothers launched many young Turkish actors on their way to becoming new stars. In the current summer season of the TV series, the Tozluyaka | Dusty Collar and Duy Beni | Hear me projects play that role. Caner Topcu, who is currently portraying the character of Kanata in the series Duy Beni | Hear me, is an example of this. This young man can celebrate a real jubilee. The number of followers on his official Instagram account has exceeded one million.

Many believe this is just the first of many millions. In addition, the young actor has an increasing number of fan profiles that are gaining more and more followers.

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Caner Topcu was born in 1997 so he is still young but he also experienced enough to show all his acting qualities. This young actor has appeared in seven projects so far. He first played a role in the Bilicinzler project in 2015. Since then, he has been building his career gradually. However, the most notable role is in the latest series, Duy Beni | Hear me, which started this summer. This project started this summer and is improving ratings from episode to episode. The start of the Duy Beni | Hear me series was very bad in terms of viewership. However, since the second episode, the situation has improved and now fans hope that the series will survive as long as possible.

Along with this notable success of the young actor, the numbers on YouTube also speak for the fact that the summer series in Turkey attract attention. Some episodes of the summer Turkish series have several million views. Therefore, the rating can be a little misleading. Turkish summer series are very popular this year. Considering the high temperatures and the possibility to watch the episode on YouTube whenever someone wants it, it becomes completely clear why a large number of summer TV series in Turkey have problems with ratings. The problem with viewership is present, but the problem with the popularity of the series simply does not exist.


Post By: Vanessa F.