Celebrated as a muscular Mitch in ‘Baywatch’, he parodied himself, sang and had fun!

In addition to acting, he has been involved in music for decades, and what may not have been so obvious on small screens is how bizarre David Hasselhoff really is. His private life only confirms that.

Jul 17, 2021 - 10:11
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Celebrated as a muscular Mitch in ‘Baywatch’, he parodied himself, sang and had fun!

David Hasselhoff is celebrating his 69th birthday today, July 17th. He started his career as an actor and became famous for his role in the series "Baywatch", which he even saved from cancelation by finding private investors.

Although he doesn't act often these days, Hasselhoff, who has become a caricatured version of himself in popular culture, has managed to turn it to his advantage. So in his newer roles, he mostly plays himself or parodies some version of himself.

One of his more recent feature films is called “Killing Hasselhoff” in which he stars with comedian Ken Jeong  (52). The slogan of the film was the sentence ‘Don’t Hassle the Hoff’, which is very dear to David. To the extent that he has a T-shirt with his face and a similar slogan, and he often mentions it in his YouTube videos as well.

That he no longer gets the lead roles, except in movies like "Sharknado 4", doesn't bother him. Hasselhoff has been performing and making music since the 80s, and his bizarre music videos and arrangements of popular songs are surprisingly popular. He has been popular in Germany since the 1990s when he sang the song "Looking for Freedom" on the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So in 2019, he released his 14th album, “Open Your Eyes” which mainly consists of covers of songs from the 80s in collaboration with several bands and musicians. His latest album has also been announced, which should be available in September this year, and whose name is "Party Your Hasselhoff".

One of his more interesting returns to the popular realm happened in 2015 with the song “True Survivor” from the movie “Kung Fury,” a comedy about a 1985 kung fu cop who travels through time to prevent Kung Führer i.e. Adolf Hitler.

In typical Hasselhoff style, the song relies on the 80s, and the same goes for the comedy “Kung Fury,” which should get a sequel soon. Of course, Hasselhoff will be involved in the project as the voice of the Hoff 9000.

Of course, some do not know him as a singer, but as an actor on whose back Sponge Bob Squarepants and Patrick the Star sailed.

Perhaps wanting to be interesting to young people again, Hasselhoff announced his intention to ‘take viewers through his world’ in 2017 in his bizarre video via his YouTube channel.

- It was the most surreal project I worked on. I did not use LSD, and I felt as if trippingsaid Al Jourgensen (62), a musician who has worked with Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff's family is no less colorful. After a reality show about Hasselhoff and his two daughters got canceled, one of his daughters became the first plus-size model on the cover of Playboy. Dad David is, of course, extremely proud.

Yet, as unusual as Hasselhoff may be, most find him likable despite being eccentric. And he definitely enjoys everything he does.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers