Change your bedroom with these details!

We present to you interesting accessories that you can use and change the look of your bedroom from the roots!

Aug 5, 2022 - 09:03
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Change your bedroom with these details!

We present to you interesting accessories that you can use and change the look of your bedroom from the roots! it's about things you probably didn't even think you needed in your bedroom, but they work very well in this part of the home. Not only will these details make your sleeping area much more beautiful, but they can make your stay in one of the most intimate rooms in the home much easier. The bedroom should be our special refuge, an escape from all problems and everyday stress. This is the place where we relax, nap, sleep and recharge our batteries for the day ahead, so in that sense, it is necessary to achieve maximum comfort and (multi)functionality right here.

What else does a perfect bedroom require? Have you ever thought about those small, tiny details and accessories that can help you transform your sleeping space from "good" to "awesome"?


This is an idea worth considering if you plan to repaint or redecorate your sleeping area in the near future. Included lighting, in the form of hanging pendants or wall lamps, will free up your bedside table. That extra space will then look much more luxurious, and another advantage is that the controls on the wall are always at hand. No more searching for out-of-reach switches down the edge of the bed, especially if you find the exact height that will work perfectly for you while enjoying your favorite book or magazine.


As much as breakfast in bed is a rare thing we only see in the movies, for those special days, a tray with a stand is the perfect addition, as you avoid the need to balance the flat version over your legs or, even worse, juggle plates and cups. Therefore, choose a tray with folding legs and there will be no problem with storage when it is not in use. Of course, these trays are also quite handy for holding laptops and tablets, but experts say these devices should be kept out of the bedroom for better sleep. So save your tray for croissants, juice and coffee.


Book corners in the bedroom can become favorite places to read and relax after a hard day at work. Even a small bedroom can afford an integrated bookshelf, and those above the bed work especially well because they do not affect the free surface of the floor. Another good place in this sense is the part above the door because it can be called a good use of the so-called "dead space". Alternatively, built-in shelves along one side of the room can work in larger spaces and should definitely be considered.


Stools - that magic cube that every bedroom should have! One or more of them is a multitasking wonder for any bedroom and won't take up much space. Use the upholstered cube as a seat when pulling on your jeans, combine it with a dressing table and you can put it out of the way or replace it as a simple bedside surface. At any time you can choose some simpler variants and colors, but also colorful and vibrant options that can complete the look of any room!


Post By: Vanessa F.