Chris and Tara Wilson spotted together!

Chris Noth and his wife Tara Wilson are seen together for the first time since the scandal.

Jan 28, 2022 - 10:33
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Chris and Tara Wilson spotted together!

Chris Noth's wife Tara Wilson was seen crying in her car in Los Angeles. On that occasion, she didn't have a wedding ring on her hand. That was a big surprise and enough for rumors that she left him because of everything. His friends were concerned about Chris and they said that he feels like his life is over. Chris Noth was spotted in a lonely walk through Central Park at Christmas in the middle of sex assaults scandalous accusations.

But now, Chris and his wife, are seen together for the first time since multiple women accused the "Sex and the City" actor of sexual assault. Tara is upset and their marriage hangs in the balance. She just wants to protect the children. That is her priority, a source close to actor Chris Noth (67) and Tara Wilson (42) told foreign media. 

The couple was seen on Tuesday in Southern California during a quick exchange of their two sons, Orion, 14, and Keats, 1. It seems that they are doing everything they can to stay good and co-parent as their marriage falls apart.

Source near this family said that he thinks that alcohol caused a big part in their problem and that seems that everything is now out of control. His friends are worried and they would like him to get some help and to feel better.

Recall, Chris Noth is accused of sexual assault. Three women appeared and spoke to the American media. They revealed shocking details about the assault. Just a week after he hit the headlines for his role in the new sequel to the “Sex and the City ” series, American actor Chris Noth has been publicly accused of sexual harassment.

We are not sure did they on purpose to revealed these accusations exacly in the middle of the promotion of the new sequel  “And Just Like That”.Maybe this prompted these women whose true identities have not been revealed, to come forward and make harsh accusations against the 67-year-old actor.

One of them, nicknamed Zoe, told The Hollywood Reporter that Chris raped her from behind in 2004 after she met him at a high-profile company whose clients were celebrities. Zoe, then 22, claims Chris flirted with her in Los Angeles and invited her to his West Hollywood apartment. After he kissed her, Zoe claimed he attacked her and laughed when she asked him to put a condom in the middle of the attack.

On the other side, his attorney said that Chris has no idea who are these girls as he stated. He never saw them and absolutely never crossed that line.