Georgina celebrated her birthday!

Georgina Rodriguez's new documentary is published on her birthday and her love story with Cristiano Ronaldo has once again become the main topic.

Jan 28, 2022 - 11:26
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Georgina celebrated her birthday!

On the day Georgina Rodriguez celebrated her 28th birthday, the first episode of her long-awaited documentary ‘I am Georgina’ saw the light of day. Everything was going according to her plans.

The fiancée of one of the most successful football players of today, Cristiano Ronaldo, is living a real fairy tale for many because she went from an ordinary girl with a difficult life story to a woman about whom all world magazines write.

Immediately in the first episode of her documentary series, Georgina and Ronaldo revealed the details of their first meeting, and she showed what her life looks like and pointed out that she knows what it is like to have nothing, but also what it is like to have everything.

A chance encounter when they first saw each other happened five years ago at the Gucci design store in Madrid. When she came out of the shop, she saw a very handsome man appear, almost two meters tall. Yes, you are right, that was Cristiano. He was with a boy and a few friends, and she was standing frozen. Cristiano told that when he saw her it was that perfect moment, which many tried to describe to him. He already knew that she is the one.

A few months later, when he invited her to dinner, sparks flew. He confessed that when their hands touched, it was a blessing moment for him. He did not believe that he would love someone with that strength as he loves her now.

However, not everything in the very beginning was as fabulous as it is now. Namely, Georgina revealed that, after several dates, Ronaldo and she separated for a while. That was maybe for a few months because they somehow stopped seeing each other during that time. Cristiano had a lot of games at the time, and that's when the whole thing happened to her father. After some time they met at an event and he invited her to dinner.

Namely, in 2016, her father suffered a stroke and then died three years later due to complications. He also served ten years in prison for drug trafficking and was released in 2013.

And while opinions about Georgina's story are divided, she ignores them. She traveled to Dubai with Cristiano and the children to celebrate her birthday. Georgina shared a photo on Instagram to show off her congratulations on the skyscraper behind her.

Georgina said that she had an exciting day and now after this surprise she was speechless. Of course, she thanked Cristiano for everything. Apart from their love, a lot is currently being written about Georgina's appearance, which has changed a lot over the years.