Could Musk give up buying Twitter

Elon Musk is still unhappy with Twitter's stance on bots and other phony accounts. Mask says that Twitter is a "material violation" of the purchase agreement. Twitter allegedly refuses to provide sufficient information concerning spam, bots, and bogus account information.

Jun 10, 2022 - 19:11
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Could Musk give up buying Twitter

According to Musk, Twitter's offer to provide extra information about its ways of testing phony accounts is insufficient and an attempt to "disguise and complicate" the matter. In other words, Musk is concerned because Twitter is attempting to conceal the full scope of its bot problem.

Musk wants to obtain all of the data in order to prepare for the purchase of Twitter and to strengthen his company's finance. He further insisted that he was not required to justify his reasoning for the data or agree to additional terms in order to gain access to any information.

According to Twitter, bots and fraudulent accounts make for less than 5% of daily users. Musk "paused" his purchase in mid-May to establish the actual quantity of bots.

This is not Musk's only challenge. Despite his willingness to alter Twitter's policy, officials have told Musk that he must still follow content standards. However, if Musk and Twitter continue to disagree about bot data, the $ 44 billion deal could fall through before it is completed.

Twitter's stance is clear and concise:

"Twitter has shared and will continue to share information with Mr. Musk in order for the transaction to be completed in accordance with the terms of the purchase agreement. We believe that this agreement is in the best interest of all shareholders. We intend to close the transaction and implement the purchase agreement at the agreed price and conditions. "