Cristiano Ronaldo posted a family photo

Cristiano Ronaldo posted a photo on Instagram with his fiancée Georgina Rodriguez and children.

Apr 5, 2022 - 06:46
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Cristiano Ronaldo posted a family photo

Georgina Rodriguez (28) is counting down to the birth of the twins she is expecting with her fiancé Cristiano Ronaldo (37). The model has reduced her activity on Instagram, where she is followed by 36.5 million people, and Cristiano has shown how she spends her days until childbirth.

'Family is everything. Proud ', wrote the footballer with a photo in which he posed on the lawn with his fiancée and children, daughter Alan (4), son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior (11) and twins, daughter Eva and son Mate (4).

Everyone was in a relaxed, sporty outfit, and Georgina wore flip-flops with her tracksuit and she didn't have much makeup on her face, which is a rarity for her. The model in the photos on her Instagram profile always shines and is completely groomed. Ronaldo's fans commented that he has a wonderful family.

By the way, Georgina is due to give birth this month, and she has been in a relationship with Cristiano since 2016. They have a daughter Alan and the rest of his children, whom he got with the help of surrogate mothers.The model has a great period behind her as she broke records in January with her documentary series ‘I am Georgina’. Rodriguez revealed the details of her first meeting with Cristiano on the show.

'When I was leaving the store, I saw a very handsome man appear, almost two meters tall, he was with a boy and a few friends, and I was standing frozen. ' she said. A few months later he invited her to dinner. ‘On the way to the restaurant our hands touched, and it seemed like it wasn’t the first time. His hands were familiar ... they fit mine perfectly ', said Georgina.

The couple pointed out in the series that their children always come first, and she admitted that she could no longer fly any plane except private ones, especially when she goes somewhere with Ronaldo. The show has met with numerous criticisms, and many think that Georgina is just a material girl who relentlessly spends other people's money.