Cyberpunk 2077: "Very positive" on Steam

Mar 30, 2022 - 15:34
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Cyberpunk 2077: "Very positive" on Steam

At the very least, Cyberpunk 2077's short-term Steam ratings are "extremely favorable." This is surprising because the CDPR game was still under the idea of review bombing until recently, and the long-term rating is still unsatisfactory.

Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be on the rise once more, and this should not be taken for granted. Over 430,000 Steam players have voted since the game's debut on December 10, 2020, and CDPR cannot be pleased with a long-term rating of 76 percent. But, at the very least, the short-term assessment is correct.

Cyberpunk 2077's Steam ratings have had a stormy past. While long-term user ratings have remained consistent at roughly 76 percent for a long time, which translates to "mostly good" in Steam lingo, short-term ratings change more dramatically. For example, there have always been new players through sales, who have typically rated higher than Cyberpunk 2077 players did over a year ago. Larger versions, most recently patch 1.5, also reintroduced "old" players to the game, as evidenced by the growing number of players.

For example, from September to November, only about 15,000 simultaneous players were recorded, however between December and January, it was occasionally well over 20,000, and in mid-February, it was about 60,000. There were over a million concurrent gamers at its height at launch.

However, by the beginning of March, Valve was forced to interfere because all CDPR games had been devalued by the review bombing. In the meantime, the short-term ratings, i.e. those from the last 30 days, have been adjusted from 58 percent.

Meanwhile, the situation has improved: the short-term rating is now 87 percent ("extremely favorable"), whereas Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't been that excellent in a long time. However, the number of cases is extremely low, with only 560 ratings, owing to the numerous omissions in March. Regardless, the developers should be pleased.

It's unclear why the short-term rating is currently more than ten points higher than the long-term rating. Cyberpunk 2077's sales, which attract new players, have not recently been pending, and the number of players is not abnormally high. Perhaps the most recent patch 1.52 for Cyberpunk 2077 contributed to the positive trend. CDPR recently made headlines when they stated that they would be using Unreal Engine 5 for future projects. The first expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 was developed using the standard RED engine.