Dave Chappele explanes his threats to pull out his investments

Feb 10, 2022 - 18:32
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Dave Chappele explanes his threats to pull out his investments

Dave Chappelle releases a statement regarding his threat to pull out of a housing development in Ohio.

Oberer Homes announced in July that it would develop around 140 new homes. The project was supposed to be built on 53 acres of land in Yellow Springs. Dave Chappelle grew up in this city. The comedian's hometown is located about 20 miles from Dayton. The village council had requested that the construction include an affordable housing component. They wanted to repurpose the area for duplexes and townhomes. The council said the reason for this is that the housing in the 4,000-person community had become increasingly scarce and expensive. The idea required council approval to rezone the area to accommodate duplexes and townhomes because it had previously been designated for single-family housing.

Because of that Chappelle threatened to pull out all his investments of Yellow Springs, Ohio, if he didn't get his money back

Dave threatened to pull his investments over a prospective new housing development in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Chappelle denied that he did anything that was not in the best interest of the city where he lives. At a Yellow Springs Village Council meeting on Monday, the comedian expressed his concern about a $39 million home development. Also, he told the council that if the project is allowed, he will abandon all the plans he had for the area.

Representatives for the comedian also explained the decision

The affordable housing project was not killed by Dave Chappelle. A half-baked scheme that never genuinely offered affordable housing was 'killed' by concerned neighbours. The reacting Village Council was also one of the reasons, Carla Sims, a spokesperson for Chappelle, stated. Chappelle also stated that they limited their outreach. He also stated that they neglected to engage the community. They were in rush for approval he wrote. Dave continued "In addition, the developer's product and generic approach to construction do not allow for the flexibility to satisfy our Village's specific demands. Perhaps public meetings, design creativity and a willingness to listen will provide them with valuable insights for how to get it right in Yellow Springs." 


According to the source, a $39 million house construction has divided the town, including Chappelle. At the meeting, he expressed his worries.
According to a video acquired by the source, Chappelle told the Yellow Springs Village Council at a town meeting Monday night, that he doesn't know why the council would be fearful of litigation from a $24 million-a-year company while it's out a $65 million-a-year company. "I cannot believe you would make me audition for you."