How to know your bae is gay?

Feb 10, 2022 - 20:04
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How to know your bae is gay?

Is he gay?

Many women never notice, but, these days men are more relaxed about occasional "additional workouts" at the gym. If you're unsure about his sexuality, you are exactly where you should be. Before we advise you what to do next, you should know that it's very normal to have these questions.

But if you're concerned because he's overly emotional, spends too much time grooming himself, or simply enjoys looking beautiful, and wearing colourful outfits you're mistaken. This does not make your partner gay, so please try to lose your prejudice and throw all the gay stereotypes and cliches. You would be amazed at how masculine a gay guy can be. Especially if he wants to hide it from his wife, friends and family.

We'll give you some tips on how to find out if your partner might be gay. Please note that these are tips and maybe you should do some more research before kicking him out of the apartment and throwing his clothes through the window.
Checking out hot men, maybe commenting on them with you
When your partner checks out other men, it might be the right time to be alarmed. This isn't anything to feel relaxed about. And you have a lot to be concerned about if the attractive boys you just saw have vanished from your memory but not from your boyfriend's.

You never have sex? Or is there simply not enough?

You should consider this as a clue if your partner has been denying sex for a long period. If he avoids making love to you even on special occasions or he is simply avoiding any type of physical touch. And if his excuses are always "tired" and "headache" or just not now, when you try to initiate sex, it's time for you to pay close attention.
He doesn't even notice the most attractive women.
Knowing that her boyfriend isn't checking out other women is a symbol of hope for some women. It brings them great joy to know that their husband doesn't even see ladies, even the most gorgeous girls.

This is a red flag if your man is cold and disinterested even when the sexiest women pass by. Come on, every man looks at attractive women, and if yours doesn't, it has nothing to do with devotion and everything to do with his libido.

Whatever you try, you can't turn him?

There should be a honeymoon phase in every relationship.
At first, you can't stay away from each other. Everything leads to the bedroom somehow. If your partner, never had that "is he a sex addict" period, that is again a red flag. If he never "grows out" of that horny stage, that is one more big red flag, but, for another article(stay tuned) If he never gets turned on, you should be at least a bit suspicious. Of course, it might be something else, that is why you should be careful if you don’t want to lose him.  But, you'll know for sure if he changes his behaviour around a man or men he finds attractive.

Does he shave his anus?

Men do shave their underarms and...well, other areas, and we are not talking about their face. These days everyone is shaved into prepubescence.  Who, on the other hand, shaves their...well, you know what? But, pun intended, you know it's a bit odd if he shaves back there. This is a clear indication that he might be gay and that he is probably shaving with some intention. Let me ask you, do you shave if you have "no plans"? I mean, everything, in detail, we do know that is a commitment. (We also know that there is that perfect time to "use" that "clean shave".) Or do you do it as a part of a ritual before a date, or date night? So why on the “green flat earth” would he go and shave everything down there before going to the gym?

Not everything is lost, if you love him, try to be 100% sure before your next move.

Of course, you can always talk to him, but that can make trouble and awkwardness in a relationship. You can always say that you heard some rumours, or try to spice things up with toys, or even with another man if you are into trying something like that. We are not advising you to go and have a threesome, just saying, it does exist as an option. There is one more thing that will give him away.

It is said:

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

His eyes will give him away, we all know men are usually terrible at hiding their...excitement. You will know if he is looking at a man as you would like him to look at you.

On the other hand, the second part of the proverb is also true. Maybe you are looking for a way out? You should reflect and ask yourself is he really the one you want? Please be sure of your own desires and where you stand when it comes to your relationship, before screaming at him that you suspect he is gay, the next time you get into an argument with him.