Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage!

A man who attacked a famous comedian is accused of assault with a deadly weapon!

May 5, 2022 - 01:28
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Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage!

A man suspected of attacking comedian Dave Chappelle on stage on Tuesday and knocking him to the floor while Dave was performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The 48-year-old Emmy-winning comedian was attacked Tuesday night during his sold-out performance at the Netflix is ​​a Joke festival, which brought together leading names from the world of stand-up comedy.

Los Angeles police confirmed that the attacker had a replica of a blade pistol with him during the attack, which is treated as a lethal weapon.


Shortly after the incident, comedian Chris Rock took the stage and took the microphone and asked everyone if it was Will Smith, alluding to his experience with the actor who slapped him at the March 27 Oscars. At least he tried to make fun of the whole situation. Chappelle appears to have passed the attack unscathed and he also continued to joke at the expense of the incident and what happened to the attacker who was kicked off the stage by security.

He concluded that he was lucky that the attacker was clumsy noticing that he was beaten by security. A video of the incident, published by a celebrity website, TMZ.com, showed the suspect sitting in an ambulance with bruises on his face. Those are probably consequences of his close encounter with security.


Last year, Chappelle provoked negative reactions due to performances that some members of the LGBTQ community described as mocking transgender people. 

The comedian continued to joke after the attack, causing laughter among the audience by saying that the attacker was a trans man. Police have identified the attacker as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, who was detained on $ 30,000 bail after the indictment was filed. The motive for the attack is unknown at this time.

Recall, a similar situation was when Rock's comment about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith didn’t sit well with the actor. Namely, Chris compared Jada to ‘GI Jane’ because of her shaved head, despite the fact that the actress spoke openly about the problems that cause her hair loss. Will then took the stage and hit Chris.