Dianne Buswell Shared Rare Family Video

Mar 6, 2022 - 09:57
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Dianne Buswell Shared Rare Family Video

One of the celebrities taking part in Freeze the Fear is the dancer.

Dianne Buswell and her partner Joe Sugg have been reconciling with Dianne's family in Australia for the past few days.

And, ahead of her upcoming return to our television screens, the dancer released a lovely family video on Saturday. Dianne was one of the celebs that took part in the filming of Freeze the Fear, which is set to premiere in the spring. Dianne, along with seven other celebrities, will suffer sub-zero conditions and take part in grueling activities, all while being guided by extreme athlete Wim Hof.

Her family movie, done to the music of Perry Como's Magic Moments, was a world away from this endurance test and provided the ideal glimpse into her life.

In one scene, the dancer's brother, Andrew, took a slight tumble on the grass as the family was out for a stroll.

The family then spent the day at the park before dancing into the night in a seaside cabana, with Joe and her father spinning Dianne around the dance floor.

She said in an emotive caption: "These are the most magical times. With everything going on in the world right now, it's times like this that I cherish and am grateful for. I consider me quite fortunate."

Fans of the popular Strictly pro were also affected, writing kind notes to her.

One person stated: "While material possessions are lovely, it's times like this, shared with our loved ones, that make life really amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us."

Another was added: "Di, you're very sweet! It appears like you're all having a great time, which makes me quite pleased!! I know how valuable these moments are to you. Always sending heaps of love."

A third said, "Oh my gosh, it looked so lovely, made me feel terribly lonely, in a good way," and a fourth, "Missed seeing you two dance together."

"Legit thought we were going to witness a proposal at the end of this," one follower expressed disappointment.

Joe and Dianne started dating in 2018, and they want to live together in 2021.