Did you watch "Leave the World Behind" ?

This is a thriller that will make you think about the meaning of life!

Dec 9, 2023 - 18:12
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Did you watch "Leave the World Behind" ?

"Leave the World Behind" directed by Sam Esmail, which premiered on Netflix on September 15, 2023, is a thriller that will make you think about the meaning of life. The film is an adaptation of Ruuman Alam's novel of the same name and stars Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, and Myha'la.  Academy Award winner Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke play Amanda and Clay, middle-class New Yorkers.

The plot of the film follows the Sandford family, who are resting in a luxurious cottage on the coast of New York. Amanda (Julia Roberts) and GH (Mahershala Ali) are a middle-aged couple struggling with marital problems. Their children, Rose (Farrah Mackenzie) and Archie (Charlie Evans) are teenagers trying to adapt to their new environment.

One evening, the Sandford family experiences a cyberattack that disables all devices. At the same time, Clay (Ethan Hawke) and his daughter Ruth (Myha'la) arrive at their cottage. As the Sandford family tries to cope with an unusual situation, conflicts arise between different generations and social classes. Clay and Ruth are forced to stay at the cottage with the Sandfords, and this leads to a series of tense scenes.

The film "Leave the World Behind" is a philosophical and evocative thriller that explores themes such as identity, family, and loss. Esmail is a master of suspense, and the film is full of unexpected twists.

A teaser trailer for "Leave the World Behind" was released by Netflix on October 2, 2023. The 100-second preview teases the tension between Roberts and Ali's characters and the apocalyptic chaos that the characters are facing.

The cast is also great. Roberts, Ali and Hawke give convincing performances, with Myha'la particularly impressive as Ruth.

The movie "Leave the World Behind" is worth watching for everyone who enjoys thrillers and movies that reflect on the meaning of life.

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