Did Zayn cheat on Gigi with Abigail Clarke?

Zayn Malik cheated on Gigi Hadid with Abigail Clarke? A friend of the actress told the details.

Jan 17, 2022 - 03:10
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Did Zayn cheat on Gigi with Abigail Clarke?

New problems showed up in the turbulent love life of singer Zayn Malik. After he broke up with model Gigi Hadid last year, information has come out that he allegedly cheated on her with actress Abigail Clarke. The singer has not confirmed the claim so far but rumors started from sources close to the actress.

News of the alleged affair is revealed by Abigail's friend whom the actress confided in, a British media report. 

"My experiences with him were like Fifty Shades of Gray. I called him Mr. Gray. We had a great time together. He said he liked my figure and he was very tactile. He wore a black jacket and drank alcohol. He was all over me, he loved me, " Abigail told her friend, reports the Daily Mail. 

Clarke allegedly even believed in the future with the singer. According to a friend of the actress Zayn's new song 'Dusk Till Dawn' is dedicated to Abigail. But it all ended the moment she accidentally saw Gigi Hadid's message on his cell phone. Gigi wrote "I miss you." 

"I was in shock. It made me feel really hurt. He made it clear that he was alone. He was so attentive to me that I thought it was true. It was very embarrassing," Abigail told a friend. 

Abigail and Zayn according to the source met in Los Angeles at The Bungalow bar. She was invited to his table. Also, she claims that Zayn complained to her that there are a lot of skinny girls in LA and that she is the opposite and he likes it. Then they exchanged numbers and started hanging out often. Everything started as easy as that.

The revelation of this alleged secret connection came a few days after Malik appeared on the app for dating plus-size women. He has previously, during an interview with Billboard magazine, explained that he likes “fuller women”. 

"I like girls who are a little chubby in certain areas. I like fuller women," Zayn said at the time.

Recall, former model and star of the American reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, 57-year-old Yolanda Hadid, claims that Zayn Malik (28), the boyfriend of her older daughter Gigi Hadid (26), hit her.

The singer, who made a name for himself as a member of the boy band One Direction, categorically denies her accusations. It is not known what caused the alleged attack, and Yolanda and Zayn have got along great so far, write the American media.

This is a private matter and should have remained so, but it seems that we are divided about it. Despite my efforts to bring us back to a peaceful family environment that will allow me to raise my daughter the way she deserves, this has, unfortunately, nevertheless reached the press ” Zayn told then.