Disick is finally caught with a woman his age!

Scott Disick was filmed with Rod Stewart and his family.

May 24, 2022 - 12:40
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Disick is finally caught with a woman his age!

Kourtney Kardashian, 43, married musician Travis Barker, 46, for the third time last weekend, while her former longtime partner Scott Disick, 38, enjoyed going out.

Scott was filmed in the company of singer Rod Stewart, 77, and his family. Also, several other people were there with them after they had dinner together at an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood. Rod took his son Sean (41) and daughter Kimberly (42) to hang out with Disick.

Scott spoke briefly with Stewart in front of the restaurant and patted him on the back, and then he went with his daughter to his luxury minibus which the singer obviously didn’t mind despite his reputation as a womanizer. They were both in a great mood and smiling.

Kimberly also didn’t take a smile off her face, and she looked great in a black, short dress with slits under her breasts. As she and Disick went alone to his bus, rumors soon surfaced that she was his new romance. In addition, for the first time since Kardashian, he has been associated with a woman his age because he otherwise loves much younger people. It is interesting that the foreign media wrote about their relationship, and that was a few years ago. Given Scott’s history of love conquests, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

He was with Kourtney for the longest time, from 2006 to 2015, and they have three children. They often interrupted and reconciled because of his unbridled behavior and alleged fraud. The Kardashian kept giving him new opportunities, but he didn't appreciate them.

Their breakup was final when he set out with Sofia Richie, and after her, he kissed a number of beauties among whom were Christina Burke, Hana Cross and Amelia Hamlin. He was filmed last month with his latest girlfriend, 27-year-old model Rebecca Donaldson.

By the way, Scott talked about his relationship with Kourtney in the premiere episode of the new Hulu series ‘The Kardashians’. ‘Now that Kourtney has found her happiness with Travis, no matter how hard it is, it gives me space so I can finally move on,’ he said as he spoke to Khloé Kardashian.

He admitted that he is still struggling with the feeling of being ‘left out’ by the rest of the family. When he was not invited to the family barbecue, Khloé said she thought it would be easier for Scott to stay home than to have to watch the relationship between Kourtney and Travis as a whole.

'Feeling left out and seeing no one tell me anything anymore is very painful, especially when I don't have another family to go to. I would rather be near Kourtney and Travis and be close to my family than not at all, ' said Disick.