Divorce of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

Actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin together got a daughter Ireland, and the two of them revealed in a recent interview what their lives once looked like.

Divorce of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

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A recording of a conversation was recently released during which actor Alec Baldwin heard that camerawoman Halyna Hutchins, whom he shot on set, did not survive.

The tragedy happened in October last year while he said, he was training with a gun he believed was safe. However, a few days ago, a final verdict arrived, which acquitted him. After the production company in charge of the film 'Rust' was fined $ 136,793 for the murder of a camerawoman on set, Alec Baldwin's legal team took to social media.


'We are grateful to the New Mexico Office of Occupational Safety and Health for investigating everything. We appreciate that this report acquits Mr. Baldwin, making it clear that the gun contained only fake bullets' they wrote.

Furthermore, they stated that Baldwin did not have authority over the issues that were the subject of the investigation and that they were convinced that the persons identified in the official report would be responsible for the tragedy.

The actor is currently with his wife Hilaria Baldwin expecting their seventh child, and with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger, he has a 26-year-old Ireland. Now they were both guests of the show 'Red Table Talk' where, among other things, they talked about their relationship with their father and ex-husband.

Kim and Alec were married from 1993 to 2002, and the actress admitted that the relationship with him was quite challenging. Both mother and daughter concluded that the actor was emotionally unavailable and that it was not easy to have a little deeper conversations especially when Ireland was going through mental health problems.'I don't think Alec was available for that kind of conversation. You know, he deals with his life in a special way, 'said Kim.

Ireland added that her father, like her, struggles with anxiety, but that he grew up in a family that suppressed it or told him he was weak if he felt that way. She said his inability to deal with such topics made a distance between them.

‘I think he really suppressed his anxiety until recently. Now he is struggling with many things that have been thrown in front of him and he was forced to finally solve such things, 'added Ireland, probably referring to the tragic situation from the set.

By the way, Basinger and Baldwin met on the set of the romantic comedy 'The Marrying Man' in 1991, and two years later they sailed into the port of marriage. When they divorced, they fought a custody battle over Ireland born in 1995. Kim’s father, Don Basinger, attributed their divorce to Alec’s short fuse and anger he couldn’t control.

Still, we all remember the angry message when Ireland missed Dad’s phone call. He then left her a voice message which, to his chagrin, later leaked to the public. 'Last time you insulted me. You have no brain or the decency of a human being. I don’t care if you’re 12 or 11 or you’re a kid or your mom is a mindless butt pain that doesn’t worry about what you’re doing. I'll straighten your butt when I see you. I will show you how disappointed I am in you and how angry I am that you did this to me again. You made me feel like shit and like a fool because you're a reckless little pig. You really are a rude little pig ', is part of the message that was recorded by the angry Alec at the time.