Don't miss: the "Last Sentinel" movie

The plot is set in the future, in the year 2063.

Dec 2, 2023 - 06:17
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Don't miss:  the "Last Sentinel" movie

The "Last Sentinel" could primarily be classified as a science fiction genre, since its action takes place in the future. The film also has certain horror elements or elements of drama that are located before all the mentioned genres and mostly dominate this production. As we said, the plot is set in the future, in the year 2063. We observe four soldiers (three men and one woman) who make up the last remaining personnel of a military base located in the middle of the ocean, far from land and any civilization. 

This small crew has a very simple or desperate task: in addition to observing and radar monitoring the surface, they must send daily reports to their base and eagerly await their shift which is late but which should have substituted them three months ago! What further worries the soldiers, and even pushes some over the line of rational behavior, is that the base is completely "deaf". There is no response to a single report, their command is completely silent, or perhaps the military base on the ocean is cut off and sacrificed. Time will tell what is at stake, but the mystery regarding the fate of these people intrigues not only them but also us viewers of the small screen. At some point, a vessel will appear that will bring unrest and discord to the already tense personnel of the station, but the characters have no idea what this ship represents and who makes up its crew.

This is one of the many mysteries that are on the very border of the unexplainable. The point is that the world as we know it today has been hit by a cataclysm. Climate change started to melt ice glaciers, which led to an increase in sea and ocean levels, which in turn led to most of today's world being flooded. There are only two continents left, much smaller areas than we would assume, or they are narrowed anyway at the moment when the film takes place in a fierce war. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tension among our crew: in addition to not knowing when their shift will arrive, they do not know whether they will be attacked by the enemy, they are struggling with food reserves, damaged interpersonal relationships, with wobbly and unstable psyches, but on the spot bad weather conditions. Unlike the crew, who still hope that their shift will come, the viewer is convinced from the very beginning of the film that there is nothing to be gained from such a scenario and that they are only wondering in which direction the "Last Sentinel" will go, whether in the direction of the film, where are they losing people reason due to the long isolation and moving towards each other or in the direction where the attack of the mysterious enemy will be known.

The enemy will be present, maybe not in the form that the viewers and the crew expected, or do we appreciate that the culmination of the film should by no means disappoint, of course, if we understand the framework in which it takes place? "Last Sentinel" is a specific achievement that is not intended for every viewer, or if it finds its way to a certain fan of such films. Keep in mind that this is still a low-budget film, that not all things in it are perfect and at the top level, or that this mainly refers to elements of the film that are secondary.


Post By: Vanessa F.