Ewan McGregor and Mary Winstead's love

According to American Six, British actor Ewan McGregor (51) and his American colleague Mary Elizabeth Winstead (37) will say a fateful "yes" to each other.

Apr 22, 2022 - 05:38
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Ewan McGregor and Mary Winstead's love

They were ready for scandal and family drama, but they did not give up their love…

According to American Six, British actor Ewan McGregor (51) and his American colleague Mary Elizabeth Winstead (37) will say a fateful "yes" to each other. “They are more in love with each other than ever, and after they had their first child together last year, their relationship is even stronger” - a source close to the actors pointed out for the mentioned portal.

The couple has scheduled their wedding for Friday in Los Angeles, and this romantic ceremony will take place six years after their first meeting on the set of the "Fargo" series.

By the time Ewan and Mary met, they were both married. She was then in a six-year marriage with director Riley Stearns, while Ewan had been married for 22 years to Frenchwoman Eve Mavrakis, with whom he has four daughters: Clara, Esther, Anouk, and Jamyan, whom they adopted from Mongolia. McGregor and Winstead entered into a passionate secret relationship, and the actress divorced her husband in April of the following year, while the actor left Eve and formally divorced only in 2018.

After much speculation, Ewan and Mary were photographed kissing in October 2017, at a restaurant in London. After the rumors that he cheated on his wife, the sources pointed out that Eve and Ewan divorced a little earlier, but today it is clear that the marriage collapsed because of his relationship with Mary.

They decided to put an end to their marriage without fanfare, they have not lived together since May” - said a source close to the former couple at the time. “Ewan is a free man.

Immediately after these photos, Mary and Ewan started walking together holding hands, and appearing at events as a couple. The actor tried to maintain the appearance of a normal relationship with his ex-wife, so after receiving the Golden Globe, he thanked his wife and lover in his speech!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Eve, who has been with me for 22 years, as well as to our children Clara, Esther, Jamyan, and Anouk. I have always loved acting and I have wonderful friends in this world" said Ewan.

Ewan's daughters never hid the fact that their father hurt them by entering into this relationship, and Clara, Ewan's and Eve's eldest child, once reacted to the proclamation of Mary Elizabeth Winsted as the most beautiful actress by writing on Instagram: “The most beautiful one?! She is the most common scumbag! Thank you very much, goodbye!

The couple, however, still enjoy their love, and in June 2020, they had a son, Laurie.