Fortnite returns to iOS - via Xbox Cloud

May 5, 2022 - 16:18
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Fortnite returns to iOS - via Xbox Cloud

Apple and Google's decision to ban Fortnite from their app stores was a setback. Yes, for Android users, it is much less so, because the operating system allows you to utilize other stores and download from other sources.

However, once the game was removed from the Apple App Store, iOS and iPadOS users were unable to play it on their devices. As you may recall, this resulted in the high-profile litigation between Epic Games and Apple last year.

Since then, Apple's stance on the topic has been comprehensive; in Cupertino, they have entirely refused to allow the Epic game to return to the App Store, which has led to the inability to play Fortnite on iPhones and iPads until recently.

You may recall that, as a Christmas present, Fortnite was brought to iOS via GeForce NOW, allowing gamers to finally experience the game on their Apple devices.

And now, according to a deal made between Microsoft and Epic Games, iOS users will be able to play Fortnite through Xbox Cloud even if they do not have an account on the service.

That is to say, we are discussing a completely free option, which definitely reflects the positive connection between both firms in relation to Epic Games' legal battle against Apple.

The Fortnite iOS gamers found themselves in a no-land man between the trenches of both sides, unable to eat or drink anything and bear no responsibility for what was happening. As a result, any solution that helps people to reclaim what they have lost appears to me to be wonderful news.

Free on the Epic Games Store

This week: Terraforming Mars

Epic Games' Terraforming Mars this week is an adaption of the well-known board game from Asmodee. Terraforming Mars is currently available for free till May 12th. Corporations have begun the process of terraforming Mars, which is the process of converting Mars into a habitable planet.

Players take control of one of these firms and must use resources and technologies to achieve the greatest potential terraform score. Temperature and oxygen concentration, for example, must be managed, or oceans must be constructed.

More and more people are migrating from Earth to Mars as the planet terraforms. The video game is based on Swedish game designer Jacob Fryxelius' strategy board game.

Next week: Prey and Jotun

Another double pack will be available on the Epic Games Store on May 12th. If Prey and the Valhalla Edition by Jotun appear to be familiar, don't be fooled. The Jotun Valhalla Edition was distributed in 2019.

Players in the game Jotun can take on the role of Thora, a deceased Viking warrior. She was defeated in combat and now battles for her honor, armed with an axe. The goal is to impress the gods so that Thora can enter Valhalla.

Prey was also made available for free as part of a 24-hour deal at the end of November 2021. The description at Epic cites the legitimately paid premium DLC Mooncrash, therefore it might be part of the free campaign, even if the store only mentions the "basic game."