"Good Omens: Season 2" is coming in the summer of 2023!

We will have to wait until the summer of 2023 for the second season of the excellent Amazon series "Good Omens".

Dec 13, 2022 - 15:08
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"Good Omens: Season 2"  is coming in the summer of 2023!

We will have to wait until the summer of 2023 for the second season of the excellent Amazon series "Good Omens". Amazon announced the premiere date during a panel at New York Comic-Con, where the official poster for the upcoming season was released and they also revealed some interesting details.

We already know that in the second season we will see some new acting names, such as Liz Carr (Devs), Quelin Sepulveda (Havoc) and Shelley Conn (Bridgerton). Also, we already know that Jon Hamm (Top Gun: Maverick) as the archangel Gabriel, Doon Mackichan (Plebs) as the angel Michael and Gloria Obianyo (Dune) as the angel Uriel return to their roles in addition to the main charming duo. We also knew that we would again have the chance to see Paul Adeyef (Bancroft), Michael McKean (Better Call Saul), Miranda Richardson (Stronger), Maggie Service (Quiz), Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen) and Nina Sosanya (Killing Eve).

But, the new season will introduce another good angel – Muriel, who will be portrayed by Quelin Sepulveda.  Muriel spent about 6,000 years or more in the same place in Heaven just filing and reading things and hoping that one day it would become more interesting.

Service and Sosanya will portray the characters named after themselves — the owner of a record store located right next to Aziraphale's (Michael Sheen) bookstore, and a cafe owner with a disastrous love life.  Richardson will play Shacks, a demon who takes over Crowley's function after he is kicked out of Hell.

The second season is accompanied by some changes of old cast members who have finished with new roles. As we already mentioned, Sosanya is no longer Mary Loquacious but  Nina, the owner of a cafe with the interesting name "Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death". Likewise, Maggie Service is apparently no longer Theresa Garrulous's sister but she is now Maggie, the record store owner. Gaiman was eager to bring back Miranda Richardson, but Madame Tracy's storyline had ended, so she was given a new role. She is now Shax, a demon sent to Earth to replace Crowley (David Tennant).

The upcoming season, like the first, will have six 45-minute episodes. The creator of the series, executive producer, and second showrunner is Neil Gaiman, while the other executive producers are Mackinnon, Rob Wilkins, John Finnemore, and Josh Cole. The script is signed by Finnemore and Gaiman.

The story will again take place in London. As Gaiman once explained: "We're back in Soho, and across time and space we're solving a mystery that begins with an angel wandering around Soho, with no memory."

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