Great leading summer exterior trends

As soon as the weather gets nicer, we take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. 

Aug 3, 2022 - 04:39
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Great leading summer exterior trends

In the following lines, we will present to you the decoration trends, with an emphasis on garden furniture, as the central element of the exterior. We hope you've settled in comfortably because here we go…

Colorful garden furniture

A palette of sparkling colors beautifies the terrace and balcony and brings energy to this centerpiece of the beautiful season. Green in all its shades creates a natural ambiance. 

Designer garden furniture

In addition to colors, designer pieces are also dominant. This year, the exterior is no longer neglected but becomes a part of the house in itself.

Interior/exterior decoration

The trend discovered last year has been confirmed in this season of 2022. More than ever, the garden is becoming a continuation of the interior. Chairs and a dining table or a low table are similar to the furniture in the house. A mat is necessary to demarcate different areas. Small decorations or large pieces, the border between inside and outside fades and even gets lost.

Wall covering

The terrace and balcony adhere to one of the rules of interior decoration. Mirrors, frames, plant fiber wall decorations, and exterior walls are embellished for trendy spring-summer 2022. Color is also used to add originality.

Modular furniture

Optimization is the key to successful interior decoration. That's why we opt for functional, modular, and two-in-one garden furniture, just like in many catalogs.


Trend 2021/22. of our exteriors – rounded shapes, are now found on the terrace and balcony. The desire to create a hidden corner is based on delicate details that, in addition to colors, are characterized by a rounded shape.


This season, the wind of exoticism penetrates our exteriors. Fruit trees will therefore be plants that you absolutely must have on your terrace. Dwarf peach, fig, lemon tree, citrus... are planted in pots for optimal development. Their colors and exotic aspects decorate the surroundings in an instant.

Mini vegetable garden

If the vegetable garden is a common occurrence in the countryside, in recent years it has also become a trend in the city. Since we are not able to plant vegetables and fruits in the garden, we turn to a mini vegetable garden in a wooden container or indoor vegetable gardens similar to planters, only more sophisticated.

Pink and terracotta

The first color is present in light tones like flower petals, the second does not need to be further clarified. Together they create a delicate atmosphere. Taken alone, pink and terracotta bring nature to a concrete patio, for example.


In decoration, as well as in fashion, we associate white with spring and summer. In 2022, it is still in trend in decorating our exteriors. We love it for its lightness and relaxing effect. It can be embraced in a set with the addition of natural materials.

Post by: Rinna James