He lost his life on the set, filming the scene in which his character dies, everyone still wonders why the real bullets ended up in the gun

Brandon Lee passed away in 1993 after receiving a deadly shot on the set of the movie "Crow".

He lost his life on the set, filming the scene in which his character dies, everyone still wonders why the real bullets ended up in the gun

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American actor Brandon Lee and the son of the famous Bruce Lee had a career on the rise and his whole life, but everything was interrupted in March 1993 when he arrived on the set of the film "Crow", and only a few hours later he was found dead.

It was "Crow" that was supposed to be a major turning point in his career, after "Showdown" and "Little Tokyo", because he wanted to make a film because of which he would be remembered as himself, not as the son of an actress and a martial arts star.

The plot of the film was based on a James O’Barre comic strip, in which the main character of a murdered rock musician returns from the dead to avenge the gang that killed him and his girlfriend.

But from the first day of filming on the set, accidents started happening. Thus, a carpenter working on the scenery suffered severe burns after one of the cranes hit a power line, then a disgruntled member of the production car crashed into the studio where the filming took place, and a strong storm that hit North Carolina on March 13 destroyed the outside part of the set.

The filming was reportedly very exhausting for Brandon, and his manager Jan McCormack revealed some shocking details, among other things that he lost 20 kilograms for the purposes of the role.

"I could lift him with one hand, he was so skinny. There was absolutely no gram of fat on him, he was just so underweight," said Jan, who called on the production to complain about the inhumane shooting conditions and told them they were killing Brandon.

Towards the very end, Brandon was filming scenes in which he was dying, when unfortunately he actually received a deadly shot from a gun in which there should have been no bullets. He was rushed to the hospital where surgeons tried to stop the bleeding and heal a wound in his abdomen but unfortunately failed. Brandon died on March 31, 1993, from a severe gunshot wound.

Prior to the tragic accident, he planned to marry his fiancée on April 17 in Mexico but instead was buried on April 3 in Seattle next to his father.

Stories have been circulating for months about this tragedy and how the real bullets were found in a gun that was supposed to be empty or loaded with fake ones. But an official investigation found that his death was an accident and the result of improper gun checks.

The film "Crow" had its premiere a year later, and additional scenes for the end were shot later.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers