HILARIOUS: Drunk Adele became a hit!

The video of drunk Adele became a hit in a short time. It was not clear to her how everyone suddenly knows who she is?

May 28, 2022 - 10:09
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HILARIOUS: Drunk Adele became a hit!

Adele was spotted drunk at the "Porn Idol" event at the Heaven nightclub. While several clips of Adele from the evening surfaced on social media, everyone continued to share an interesting video on TikTok, and the singer apparently forgot that she is famous and that someone will recognize and record her.

The footage shows the 34-year-old leaning out of the VIP area to ask a group of people how they know who she is. Although their answer is not heard in the noise, it can be assumed with certainty that they told her that she is very famous.


The video went viral with several thousand views and comments from TikTok users. While some think that the singer drank too much, others think that there is nothing wrong with trying to enjoy her outing like any ordinary individual.

During a live Instagram post last October, Adele claimed she stopped drinking alcohol. The singer told her fans that she is trying to reduce her alcohol intake after it was rumored that she is returning to the scene after a long time.