Hollywood couple is happier than ever!

And after fifteen years of marriage in which they got two daughters, the Hollywood couple is happier than ever.

Hollywood couple is happier than ever!

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His style of conquest may not fit the classic Hollywood macho pattern, he is not overly tall and he is definitely not a fan of suits and ties, but Australian-American country star Keith Urban  (54) knows how to make a spectacle out of courtship. If he wasn't like that, his wife wouldn't have been Nicole Kidman  (54) for 15 years, and their marriage was known as one of the happiest in the entertainment industry. What he is like privately, what he really thinks about his wife and how he won her over, he recently told in the podcast Living & Learning with Reba McEntire on the Spotify platform. In short, version, living with Nicole is his greatest achievement.

- Marriage to the right person is the most important move in life. After that, I am proud of the fact that I have been sober for 15 years - said the four-time Grammy winner who celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with a Hollywood actress of Australian roots in June this year. With Nicole, who seems to have started him to give up alcohol, he now has daughters  Sunday Rose  (13) and Faith Margaret  (10) and he is happier than ever.

- Until she showed up, I had no goals in life. I lived in Nashville, I composed and sang, recorded something, and I was looking forward to having my songs played on the radio - says the singer of the hit "Wild Hearts".

He met the star of the biographical movie "Being the Ricardos" - in which the actress portrays the greatest female American television star between the '50s and 60's Lucille Ball - in January 2005, at a Hollywood event where Australians are recognized in the American entertainment industry. When she appeared, the musician froze. If that moment could be described as a cartoon, it would be a scene in which his jaw falls to the floor. It took him several months to dare to invite her out, and because of going out in their initial phase of ‘throwing her into a trance’, women still envy her today.

- At the beginning of the relationship, he came to pick me up on a motorcycle and took me to Woodstock, the place where the 1969 rock festival of the same name was held. I believe that was the turning point when I realized that he was the man I had hoped for. Maybe it all happened because I'm an incorrigible romantic or because I'm an actress so my feelings easily overwhelm me or because I believe in fate, but then I said to myself: "Okay, that's it" - she revealed earlier.


Still in love

Namely, he took her to a place that means a lot to both of them, knelt down, and asked "that" question. The host wanted to know more, but the actress was half-joking, half-serious, saying that he was "not destined to find out". Still, she revealed another of Keith’s romantic gestures.

- He showed up on the steps of my New York apartment. It was five in the morning, it was my birthday and he came with a bouquet of flowers - she said.

That the romantic incidents that led them to their 2006 wedding in Australia are not occasional stories they share with the media only when they advertise new projects is evidenced by a detail from the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes. She appeared in a black creation by Alexander McQueen: her waist and back were accentuated by a transparent, lacy corset that seemed to drive Keith Urban crazy.

"Look at this," he told the Seventh Force, asking his wife to show them a back covered in sexy lace. When she did, a frantic photoshoot ensued, and he retreated into the background because it was her moment, looking at her in amazement and love. That night he could not take his hands off his wife, not caring that they were at a public event. She didn't mind. She was just looking at him.