How much does it cost? Lady Gaga's stunning LBD look

Jan 28, 2022 - 23:55
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How much does it cost? Lady Gaga's stunning LBD look

Timeles and stunning. Every woman should have one. Lady Gaga should wear one more often. Pitch black classic and dramatic look with a twist. Is it worth the money and how much does it cost?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known as Lady Gaga, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show. She showed up a black tube Christian Siriano dress. Perfection from head to toe and just one small detail to complete the glamorous little black dress with the right dose of extravagance.

the strapless black mini dress is a fashion classic, that is unquestionable. Of course, every woman should have one in her wardrobe. This is already a well-known fact. Lady Gaga, a 35-year-old actress and singer, knows that.  Her simple, but glamorous look on Jimmy Kimmel Live showed a perfect interpretation of this timeless classic.

The figure-hugging perfect dress was designed by Christian Sirian

He gave the creation a twist by adding to w tulle sleeves to give a special and dramatic vibe.

The effective sleeves can be removed, so the same dress can have a less extravagant, classical look.

The star of 'House of Gucci', in which she played the role of the controversial Patricia Reggiani, rounded off the whole look with patent leather heels with dizzyingly high heels. Her face was hidden behind big square sunglasses with Dita's signature, and her all-black look was 'broken' by just one detail - a gold ring. The ring was simple, but it was everything but ordinary.

It is a piece signed by designer Katherine Kim, the name behind the KATKIM brand. Kim is known for its refined minimalist design, adored by actresses Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron.

How much does this look cost? Can it be replicated for less?

It can be done, for sure. However, it takes a lot of confidence to pull it off.

The heart-shaped ring costs 3800$, the jewellery is probably the most difficult part of the look to replicate.

The strapples little black dress from Christian Siriano’s pre-fall 2022 collection costs 2200$.

Even the Sketches of the dress are sold out, The price of the sketch was 250$. Nonetheless, it is amazing to know that there are still some available from the Lady Gaga collection. Other sketches from the collection are available for 100-200$. For the black patent heeled pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti, you will probably have to dish out at least 500-1000$, or you can find a used pair on e-bay, from around 50$ to about 400$. Besides that, she had sunglasses made by DITA Eyewear. These are the Daytripper shades which boast a subtle cat-eye silhouette, gold frame finish, and rivet dots on each side. How much do they cost? The answer is 550$. In addition to the perfect ring she had, she also wore mismatched earrings including the Mono diamond pavé 18k gold earring ($2,850) from the “Éternal” collection and Peak 18k gold earring ($876) with the illusion of a floating diamond stud that nestles underneath the ear from the “Crescendo” collection.

Consequently, when we add everything up, Lady Gaga wore more than 11000$ worth of clothes, underwear not included, as the LBD does leave something to the imagination. Nonetheless, Stefani glowed with pride for her new movie, and as a result, she looked like a million dollars promoting the House of Gucci and even if we replicated the look to the last detail, her energy and her personality are a huge part of her appearance, and that is impossible to copy.