In this "Stupid" hotel you can stay for only 1 euro - under one bizarre condition

A hotel in Italy has gone a step further in the hospitality industry - it offers a unique reality-show stay experience.

Oct 18, 2021 - 14:25
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In this "Stupid" hotel you can stay for only 1 euro - under one bizarre condition

Stupido Hotel, or Stupid hotel in translation, charges only one euro per night in a hotel, and this offer is valid for two people under a certain condition.

The condition you have to agree to is simple and a bit bizarre, you only get a one-euro hotel stay if you agree to be filmed 24 hours a day. Events at the hotel can be followed every day online.

Everything that happens in the room during your stay, if you agree to it, will be directly on the Internet, ie it will be possible to follow it via live streaming on social networks. Hundreds of millions of people will be able to follow and comment on your entire stay. Events at the hotel will be available to follow every day via the Twitch network.

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Hotel owner Fabio Siva actually made an offer in the style of "Big Brother": a five-day stay costs one euro per night, but only if you allow the cameras to record you 24 hours a day and that it is transmitted via the Internet on social networks.

"We live in the digital age, we are all online at the same time and everyone wants to be seen. We offer vacation at the minimum price, provided that guests sacrifice their privacy, " the owner of the hotel told reporters.

The fourth floor of the hotel will be reserved for guests who will be under 24-hour surveillance. The cameras will be placed in three rooms, a central hallway, and a breakfast room. The cameras will also be located on the terrace where there are jacuzzis, deck chairs, and parasols.

By: Sarah R.