Jamie Chung's decision to welcome sons via surrogate

While some users of social networks applaud the beautiful actress, some call her out!

Jun 13, 2022 - 05:07
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Jamie Chung's decision to welcome sons via surrogate

American actress Jamie Chung, who starred in the films "Hangover 2" and the series "Lovecraft Country", became a mother last year.

Her husband Bryan Greenberg and she had two boys, and the twins were born with the help of a surrogate mother. As the actress recently said, she did not make this decision due to health reasons or difficulties in carrying the pregnancy, but that she was afraid that the pregnancy would affect her career.

"I was terrified of taking a break from my life for more than two years," Jamie said. “In my job, I have a feeling that you can be easily forgotten if you haven't worked for a month after your previous job. Things are happening very fast in what we are doing.” She described her decision as a compromise she reached with her husband and pointed out that she believes surrogacy is stigmatized. “I think there is still a little shame. That is still not common, and we were not ready for condemnation” - said Jamie. “People probably think ‘Oh, she's so vain. She didn't want to be pregnant.’”

She does not hide that she was afraid that she would lose everything she had been working on for years if she took a long break. “All my life I worked to get to where I am now. I don't want to waste opportunities. I don't want to be outraged," Jamie said. Her interview attracted a lot of attention on social networks, where opinions were divided on whether to opt for surrogacy when there is no health problem.

Quite a few Twitter users are on Jamie's side. “Her body - her thing", "Every part of her talking about this so openly", and "Jamie didn't let anyone else make an important decision for her, well done"... are some of the comments. However, there are many who call her move a whim and believe that it additionally stigmatizes the topic of surrogacy and makes the situation more difficult for those who cannot become parents in any other way.

"Someone else was pregnant instead of her so she wouldn't get fat," "Even before her children were conceived, she neglected them because of her career, this is a really new level," "Yes, why would she be pregnant and lose the opportunity to have five minutes of acting in some new sequel to 'The Hangover'", " This is selfish and unfair to women who really need a surrogate mother "," They will try to make a feminist theme out of this, but it's really just a matter of common sense" ... considered by others.