Jamie Spears is preparing a case against Britney

The documents state that the singer makes inciting allegations against him

Jun 20, 2022 - 15:18
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Jamie Spears is preparing a case against Britney

Britney Spears recently married her longtime fiancé Sam Asghari, and the problems she solved with her father Jamie Spears (when she managed to break away from his custody in court), are now obviously coming to fruition.

Namely, Jamie claims that his daughter earned 15 million dollars from the memoirs she writes and in which she promises to reveal all the details of life under his care. He is currently preparing a case against his own daughter. Court documents obtained by "Entertainment Tonight" mention his right to sue Britney because she makes "inciting and unfounded allegations against him" on her Instagram profile.

According to the documents, the father is now trying to force Britney to give her statement, and his lawyers would like to use it in their defense. Jamie's lawyers claim that the pop singer avoids it because of the book and that she writes in her memoirs about the same things she refuses to talk about under oath. Jamie’s legal team says Britney avoids testifying because it could involve entering "emotionally difficult topics", but insists that her argument does not stand at all.

Citing her posts on social media about the guardianship that was officially terminated in November, and her book contract, Jamie's legal team writes: "It's funny that Britney can talk about issues she asks herself publicly (including a $ 15 million), but would be 'unjustifiably burdened' by litigation initiated by her legal advisers".

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This reference to Britney's book contract is not the first mention of $ 15 million, although the media that reported on the singer's upcoming memoirs quoted unidentified sources in February, and it is not known whether the figure is really that, maybe it’s higher, or lower.

Court documents on the father's lawsuit appeared shortly after Britney's lawyer Matthew Rosengart filed a request that Jamie should be forced to testify because of his behavior while he was his daughter's guardian.

Post by: Rinna James