Jennifer Aniston's amazing revenge dress

Many dresses that famous ladies later wore when they first appeared after they were deceived by their partners were called revengeful.

Apr 8, 2022 - 11:00
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Jennifer Aniston's amazing revenge dress

The dress in which Princess Diana showed that she is stronger than anyone after her husband's deception is perhaps the most famous, but Jennifer Aniston's revenge dress should not be neglected either.

In fashion history, few dresses have left a mark like the one that the British media called "revengeful". It is a black creation signed by Christina Stambolian, in which Princess Diana appeared in 1994 at the summer party of the Serpentine Gallery at Kensington Palace in central London. 

On the same day, Prince Charles publicly admitted that he cheated on his wife with Camille Parker Bowles, and the whole world felt sorry for the beautiful princess. She did not want to allow that and she chose a bold model which showed that she is stronger than ever and ready to continue with her life - more enchanting than ever.

Many dresses that famous ladies later wore when they first appeared after they were deceived were called revengeful. However, one threatens to go down in history, side by side with Diana’s. It is a dress that Jennifer Aniston wore for the first appearance in front of the public after the painful adultery of Brad Pitt.

Everyone has long known that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love in 2005 during the filming of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith. At that time, Brad was married to Jennifer, and everyone was sorry for the broken heart of the star of the "Friends". Jennifer was silent, continued working even more than ever, and refused to give any interviews. However, everyone was waiting to see what condition the beauty will be in once she has to face the world, and her answer was spectacular.

Jennifer had the scheduled premiere of the film "Derailed" for the end of October of the same year. When she appeared at the Loews Lincoln Square Cinema in New York, all eyes were on her, and the actress was more beautiful and elegant than ever.

For this occasion, Jennifer chose a light gold dress from the Chanel fashion house, and it is a creation whose upper part is tight, while the lower part just follows the body line.

The entire dress is covered with tiny and glittering beads, and it is a halter cut model, which highlighted her sculpted shoulders and arms, and slender figure. The lower part of the dress is fluttery and the whole dress emphasizes sex appeal in a very moderate way, and Jennifer added gold sandals with straps and a letter bag to everything.

To make everything even more beautiful, she radiated a great mood and could hardly take a smile off her face. In spite of everyone - especially those who broke her heart!