Jessica Biel has shared a rare picture

Mar 4, 2022 - 05:01
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Jessica Biel has shared a rare picture

Jessica Biel celebrated her birthday by posting a rare photo of her family.

The actress posted a number of photos on social media, including one in which she was holding her six-year-old son Silas and 19-month-old son Phineas.

The boys also crafted a homemade letter and a cake that said, "We love you, Mom."

The three's family home, which they share with Jessica Timberlake's 40-year-old husband Justin Timberlake, was also decorated with a hand-written banner put over their fireplace that read: "Happy Birthday Mommy Mom!!!!"

Jessica captioned the post, "Thinking about previous birthdays and remembering all of the great ones Justin and I spent alone."

"Now I'm turning 40 with my other two favorite guys on the earth. I adore your family. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes. 40 is a new age, y'all."

The festivities occurred after The Sinner actress published a photo of herself with a striking new hairstyle - a profusion of curls instead of her typical straight style.

Makeup-free Jessica can be seen grinning for the camera in the candid photo, her wavy hair cascading about her shoulders.

She referenced a passage from the movie Mean Girls in the caption: "That's why her hair is so enormous... it's full of secrets."

Fans flocked to the comments section to congratulate the singer, although the majority were perplexed by her new appearance. "This is fantastic. "I had no idea you had curls!" said one admirer, while another questioned the hair's genuineness, stating, "You better not have been wearing your stunt wig without me!"

Other enthusiasts said that the style "looks like a perm."

Jessica and Justin will mark their tenth wedding anniversary later this year. They married in October 2012 and have two sons, Silas, six, and Phineas, 19 months.

American actress Jessica Biel (39), the wife of singer Justin Timberlake, is starring in the new series “Candy”. This series is about the life of Candy Montgomery, a housewife who brutally killed her friend Betty Gore with an ax in the real life of the eighties.

Jessica returned to work after the break and the birth of her second son in 2020. It is interesting that the actress managed to hide her pregnancy from the public.