Johnny and Amber's marriage was a disaster

Johnny Depp's marriage to Amber was ruined: 'He started doing drugs and drinking, he ruined his life completely'

Dec 23, 2021 - 05:03
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Johnny and Amber's marriage was a disaster

The love life of the famous Hollywood heartthrob and actor Johnny Depp  (58) has once again become a major theme. After a failed marriage to actress  Amber Heard, 35, whom he allegedly beat under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he faced numerous prejudices and slanders. But there are still those who support and encourage him.

The couple met in 2011 on the set of the film 'Puerto Rican Nights: A Diary of Drunkenness'. Four years later, they married, and after only 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce.

"That marriage totally ruined his life, he started drinking and taking drugs. He aroused the worst in him. " commented Depp's friend and former colleague from the band, Bill Beano Hunty  in the documentary 'Johnny vs Amber'.

The mentioned documentary deals with the conflicts between the actor and his ex-wife, but also the legal cases that followed.

She cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for her divorce petition and then accused the actor of violence. 

The court saga lasted for months, with Depp and his lawyers denying all charges from his ex-wife and claiming that she wanted to profit from financial compensation. 

The former couple managed to reach a $ 7 million settlement that Amber claimed she would donate to the American Civil Liberties Union and a children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

The actor is now trying to get information on whether his ex-wife has kept her promise and donated money. His lawyer Andrew Caldecott claims that the donation was a ‘calculated and manipulative lie’ and that from the very beginning it was a plan to ‘destroy the ex-husband’. In addition, Depp’s attorney claims that a children’s hospital in Los Angeles in 2019 informed them that Amber had not made any payments. 

The chief judge of this lawsuit has partially upheld Depp’s attorney’s request and will force the U.S. Civil Liberties Union to release documents confirming whether the Herald has fulfilled its part of the settlement. 

If it turns out not to be, the actor and his team will have strong evidence against his ex-wife. 

But Although Hanti is on the actor's side, he still admits that he could have treated his ex-partner and mother of his children, singer Vanessa Paradise  (49) , at least a little better .

"He had something special with Vanessa and he totally screwed it up. It's a real shame that it ended that way" said Bill, adding that Paradise was the ideal, which a man can 'only dream of'.

Johnny’s friend, who has never met Heard, claims he saw from the start that the marriage would not work.

"The girl was 25 years old, she is twice younger than him, I immediately saw that it would not work.It ruined his career, his life, it really is. It cost him friends, deeds, and even family" he said.

By the way, Depp recently gave his first interview after the accusations of his ex-wife. He then said that Hollywood was boycotting him because of his fight in court with Amber and because of an article published by The Sun.