Justin Bieber opened up about marriage problems

From the very beginning of the relationship, and then the marriage of Justin and Haley Bieber, one thing always dragged on...

May 4, 2022 - 15:39
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Justin Bieber opened up about marriage problems

From the very beginning of the relationship, and then the marriage of Justin and Haley Bieber, one thing always dragged on - his love for his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Although Justin and Selena both have been saying for years that there are no emotions that bind them, there was always a reason to suspect this, because of Hailey, who seemed sad and absent during all the paparazzi photos.

So sad, that she even got the nickname "the saddest face in Hollywood". There were also recordings in public in which the singer treated the model very badly, more on her, and even hit her with the car door, without even turning to check on her.


During all that time, they continued to post happy photos on the networks, trying to convince everyone of their love, and then a documentary about Justin's life came and the secrets began to be revealed. In the episodes, as well as in later interviews, Hailey admitted that the beginning of their marriage was not the best and that it was because of Justin's mental problems. She also talked about parenthood that they put on hold.

Now Justin himself has finally spoken about his relationship with Hailey and admitted that he thought marriage would solve all his problems. Namely, as he admitted in the show "The Ebro Show", he had a nervous breakdown after the wedding, realizing that marriage is not the solution to everything that happens to him. Justin has previously discussed how much early fame and popularity it took in his life, especially in his childhood.

He said that becoming famous at such a young age led him to use drugs, fight mental illness and harass ex-partners, thus confirming everything that Selena Gomez herself has said on several occasions - that Justin is responsible for her mental problems, and later her severely impaired health.

Now, almost four years after they got married, both Justin and Haley have spoken publicly about the challenges they faced as newlyweds. "The first year of marriage was really difficult. It just lacked trust," Justin said.

In addition to adjusting to married life, the couple also dealt with Justin's diagnosis of Lyme disease, chronic monotherapy, and mental health problems. The fact that Hailey admitted that she almost divorced, and that her mother forced her to stay in a relationship with Justin, that is, to give each other a chance, also testifies to how difficult everything was.

Hailey recently also had a milder stroke due to a blood clot that “wandered” to her brain, which is why she had an intervention on her heart to keep things like this from happening.  As the couple agreed to wait with the expansion of the family, Hailey started the therapy, but she was not aware that she was one of those 1 percent who experienced the horrible side effects listed on the package.

After all, Justin admitted how much he cared about Haley and how much he loved her, and he understood everything when, as he says, he almost lost her. On the other hand, Selena did not comment on Bieber's confession that he was bad to her and directly responsible for her problems that could have cost her life.