The tragic life story of Stephanie Seymour

30 years ago, actress and model Stephanie Seymour (53) won over the audience thanks to the video for the song "November Rain" by the rock band Guns N 'Roses.

May 4, 2022 - 15:58
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The tragic life story of Stephanie Seymour

Model Stephanie Seymour drew attention to herself when she appeared in the video "November rain"...

Many will agree that in the late 80s and 90s, there was no more beautiful model than her. 30 years ago, actress and model Stephanie Seymour (53) won over the audience thanks to the video for the song "November Rain" by the rock band Guns N 'Roses.

Even today, this video is rehearsed, as well as the unusual wedding dress worn by the beautiful Stephanie. The film adaptation of this song brought her great fame, the love of her life, but also a turbulent period of her life.

Namely, the model fell in love with the singer of the band Axl Rose, with whom she started a relationship at the time. Their love lasted a little over two years and was very turbulent. Before him, Stephanie was already with several famous men, and it was rumored that she loved Charlie Sheen and Warren Beatty. The media often wrote that she was ready for anything in order to reach the goal and become popular.

A wild relationship full of drugs, alcohol, physical confrontations

The relationship with the frontman of the group Guns N 'Roses seemed idyllic at the beginning, but over time it got worse. Thousands of articles have been written about their wild life full of drugs, alcohol, sexual escapades, and physical confrontations. The relationship between the singer and the model varied from love to hate. It was also written that they were engaged, and their love ended in 1993 with a lawsuit.

Namely, Axl accused Stephanie of attacking him and stealing jewelry worth more than 100,000 dollars. During the turbulent lawsuit, the model told the court that he mentally abused her, and she also called his ex-wife to testify against him. In the end, though, they settled.

At just 16, Stephanie was in a relationship with then-42-year-old John Casablancas, the head of a modeling agency with whom she also signed a contract. Casablancas was married to model Jeanette Christiansen at the time, but that didn't stop him from living with young Stephanie at the same time. Before he divorced his wife, Stephanie left him. She was later married to guitarist Tommy Andrews. Although their love did not last, they had a son, Dylan Thomas Andrews.

A tragedy that changed her life

The sad event that changed her forever was the day when their son Harry Brent passed away at the age of 24 as a result of an overdose. Brant, by the way, was a model, collaborated with the fashion house "Balmain" and recorded for "Vogue". He and his brother also launched a unisex makeup line, and in his teens, he wrote for a magazine owned by his father.

Stephanie had a hard time with this news. After the death of her son, she stated that her life would never be the same again. On January 17, on the occasion of the anniversary of his death, she shared the story of her late son on Instagram with a sad description.

“I miss you today, I will miss you tomorrow, and it seems that this sadness has no end. I am trying to find a way to continue, but not to leave you behind”, Stefani wrote, among other things.