Kim Kardashian dressed in duck tape?

If you thought we saw everything from Kim Kardashian well no, we didn't! This woman simply always finds a way to push the boundaries and provoke the audience with intriguing releases.

Mar 7, 2022 - 06:50
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Kim Kardashian dressed in duck tape?

Kim is in Paris these days, where Fashion Week is taking place, and this time she appeared at the Balenciaga fashion show, in whose creations we most often see her. The leaders of this fashion house have made a kind of spectacle from their show - the models are in a collection for autumn/winter 2022/2023. They walked on the snowy runway while fake snow was blowing on them.

However, the show was stolen by the most famous starlet in the world, who shocked everyone gathered by appearing from head to toe, wrapped in yellow duct tape with the brand logo.

The attractive 40-year-old literally wrapped her enchanting curves in a bright yellow ribbon, covering every part of her body, and even her purse was covered in the same way. Kim complemented this bizarre outfit with futuristic mini-framed sunglasses and slicked back her long hair. And the reality star may have come to the center of attention again, but she paid the price for that. Namely, it was more than obvious that she was not comfortable with this edition, considering that she walked very stiffly and with her hand on her stomach.

However, the goal was achieved, everyone looked at Kim, and the reactions of the public are very stormy. "Lord, help us, the end of the world is near", "This is amazing, you will only understand the genius of this woman", "She is an icon!", "It seems that her whole body hurts from this", "The question is - what if she wants to go to the toilet? "," I can't understand how she breathes in this "," Her pain and discomfort are clearly visible on her face ", are just some of the comments.

Recall, reality star Kim Kardashian‘s new announcement has been the target of criticism. She posted a photo of herself posing in front of a luxury car, surrounded by countless branded bags and boxes with the names of fashion brands such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. In the description of the photo, she wrote that she was starting a prize game. It donates $ 100,000, first-class flight tickets, and five nights at a location of your choice – Paris, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Dubai, and New York. This is not the first time she has published such a prize game.