Latino diva reveals her skincare routine

For Christmas, Jennifer Lopez revealed a face without a shred of makeup and the secret of her youthful appearance.

Dec 26, 2021 - 15:26
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Latino diva reveals her skincare routine

Like many people around the world, the 52-year-old Lopez spent the holidays in the warmth of home and family circle, which she revealed in her latest video dressed in a silk robe and without a shred of makeup on her face.

On the eve of Christmas, the Latino diva decided to honor her army of fans on Instagram with a beauty video in which she reveals what her skincare routine looks like before applying make-up.

Like many celebrity colleagues, the Latino diva also sailed the beauty waters by launching her own line of preparative cosmetics called JLo Beauty, and in a two-minute video, she presented some of her own signature products she uses every day to help her look youthful in her fifth decade.

Yes, yes, it’s easy at 52 to look like you’re in your 30s when you can afford top-notch cosmetic treatments, the most expensive facials, and maybe some plastic surgery, you might think. However, in the case of Jennifer Lopez, things look a little different.

Botox and facial surgery are not part of her life philosophy, so she hasn’t even tried them. But even while she had holes in her shoes and was completely unknown, Jenny From The Block,  remembered some of her mother’s advice. Olive oil skin care came first.

We don’t know what else her mother told her and what secrets of facial care she discovered herself, but she poured the acquired knowledge into her own cosmetic line JLo Beauty, whose motto is “beauty has no expiration date”. We can only speculate about the ingredients contained in the products from the mentioned line, we know that olive oil is certainly one in at least some of them, but in a recently recorded video, Jennifer revealed another secret – the morning routine in skincare is the cornerstone of a youthful appearance.

Taken in Jennifer’s bathroom and as she said “without filters”, she promotes products from her beauty line, designed to look glamorous but more affordable than luxury cosmetics. But that is not the point of this story. The essence is in the importance of the morning skincare ritual that begins with a thorough cleansing. Step one.

Jennifer of course used a face cleansing gel cream from her own line, but the advice to clean your face in the morning is worth its weight in gold, no matter which or whose product you use.

The second step is to apply a serum that will make your skin shiny, taut, and smooth. As you apply it, massage your face, she does the same, and that is our advice. Jennifer emphasizes that you should start caring for your skin at a very young age. She obviously speaks from her own experience, because the effort paid off.

The third step is to apply a nourishing moisturizer with a protective factor because Jennifer believes that it is very important to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays throughout the year. Most of the higher quality creams that can be bought have a protective factor. It’s nice to have a tanned, but not prematurely aged face that can afford us sun protection without protection.

The fourth step… beauty that comes from within. It is influenced by various factors, from mental and emotional satisfaction, to what we bring into ourselves. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, and sufficient amounts of water, there are also dietary supplements. Jennifer drinks those beauty brands she signs, and we know that antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta carotene, B vitamins, zinc and selenium, ceramides, Q10 but also hyaluronic acid and collagen in capsules are a great ally of youthful skin. Still, the most important thing is to feel good in your own skin.