Learn to distinguish true love from manipulation

We hope that so far you have not been tempted to replace the terms in the title, believing that you are on the trail of a good relationship. 

Dec 22, 2021 - 14:59
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Learn to distinguish true love from manipulation

We hope that so far you have not been tempted to replace the terms in the title, believing that you are on the trail of a good relationship. Misconceptions can appear in the beginning, when we do not see the bigger picture, but we are intoxicated by the most beautiful emotions and enjoy the moment, only to later recognize the warning signs. Stay tuned and read below, if you want to know what that attention and behaviors can actually be a hoax.

1. Insisting on messages and calls

He misses you so much when you go out with friends that he just has to send you three long messages in a row. Is it about attention? Maybe. There’s a lot of communication at the beginning of a relationship - especially when you’re not together. Of course, you miss each other, and if a meeting is not possible at that moment, it is easiest to express it with a message or an invitation. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when these messages become stressful and start to "scare" you. If that bothers you, why not pay attention to it right away or just break up.

2. He wants to know your movements at all times

This may be cute at first. He wants to keep in touch, spend time with you, and talk… But in this case, it is a situation where the person becomes, in a way, your shadow. He wants to know your every step, when you meet with someone, where, what you talked about, how you felt… Everything! A detailed report is expected. In the name of love. But if there is love, trust, and respect - three very important components of a healthy relationship - then such excessive behavior should not be present.

3. Excessively showing affection

This is another warning sign. If he sincerely loves you and cares about you, then such pompous statements are not necessary. You will feel this sincere love through his / her actions. Of course, it's nice to hear that you are loved, but the problem is in the way it is expressed. Is it easy to say I love you or do you feel guilty about that statement? Does a statement usually follow when he/she fails somewhere? After an argument? After an unjustified attack on you for not doing something?

4. He can't imagine life without you

He always says: "You really mean a lot to me, without you I would die". Romantic? Um, not really.
It can turn into something more bizarre, especially if you are doing something that is not to your partner’s liking. Typical of emotional manipulators.

5. Using love as an excuse

When, for example, he makes you very angry with his jealousy, he justifies his behavior by saying that it is because he loves you very much. Or, when you have 10 missed calls on your phone and then at least 10 more messages… Clearly, he is very upset. But that’s because he/she cares so much and loves you, at least that’s what they say.

6. Showering you with gifts

Nice. Until the moment everything he gave you becomes a means of extortion.

7. Doing things for your sake

What’s better than a romantic partner who cares so much about you reminding you of what’s good for you and guiding you how he/she thinks is best? A partner who respects you and believes in your decisions. A partner who supports you, even if he disagrees, suggests, but in no way condemns. When your partner tries to steer you in a direction you don't really want to go, or when he doesn't agree with your decisions and constantly tells you that you have to master decision-making, it's no longer a concern - it's a way of control and manipulation.

8. Shifting blame

You had an argument. It’s okay, every couple encounters it. But soon after, your partner is overly considerate and kind. This can also be a way of manipulating - shifting the blame to your account. He will say: "You misunderstood me", "I don't like drama", "It's about having such an opinion of me, even though I show you how much I love you every day".