Madonna's post shocked her fans!

Madonna's followers were shocked by the new announcement of the Queen of Pop. She does not look like herself.

Apr 4, 2022 - 10:43
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Madonna's post shocked her fans!

The face of the queen of pop has been completely deformed due to numerous operations and fillers, and Madonna proved that she no longer looks like herself with a new post on social networks, which stunned the public.

In the video she posted on TikTok, the singer is dressed in a transparent T-shirt and holds her breasts with her hands, and in the foreground is her distorted face. In the recording, which lasts a few seconds, Madonna sang a remix of her own song ‘Frozen’.

The post has collected thousands of comments, many of which marvel at the singer's appearance. ‘I’ll just remember how fantastic she looked in the 90s. She was an icon ',' Why the algorithm thinks I want to see this', 'Honestly, this scared me', are some of the comments from shocked fans.

Some of them gave her the nickname Madonatella Versace, comparing her to Donatella Versace, who has also undergone numerous surgeries over the years and completely changed her appearance.

Although the pop queen at the age of 63 has a taut body due to her special diet, her face is far from natural. The procedures on Madonna's face were analyzed by the famous plastic surgeon Gary Linkov, who discovered that Madonna had been correcting her face with various aesthetic procedures for decades.

He estimates that she has done three facelifts since 1982, raised her eyebrows three times, eyelids twice, and injected fillers many times. Also, it seems that the singer has implants implanted in her buttocks, but she often forgets to photoshop her hands, which then reveal how old she really is. Why she does that, no one knows, and she was one of the first to oppose the artificial look and proudly point out that she never wanted to have one, even when she was advised to do so.

However, she gets the most attention when she appears somewhere in public and shows the real state of her face. Namely, due to a series of plastic surgeries and various fillers, the singer’s face is completely deformed, and many are wondering why she needed that in the seventh decade.