Matthew Broderick About Sarah Jessica Parker

Apr 7, 2022 - 00:54
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Matthew Broderick About Sarah Jessica Parker

The actor is extremely reserved when it comes to his personal life.

When Matthew Broderick agreed to work on a two-person Broadway musical with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, whom he has been married to since 1997, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. The two originally started working on their program, Plaza Suite, in 2020, but production was halted just a few weeks later owing to the epidemic. He, like many others, assumed they would only be gone for a few weeks. Plaza Room is a comedy-drama created by Neil Simon in 1969 about a woman and husband who are staying in the same suite they stayed in 23 years before during their honeymoon. It's back, and they're doing eight concerts a week this time.

The actor from Ferris Bueller's Day Off paid a visit to Live! Alongside Kelly and Ryan to talk about the Broadway play and what it's like working with one's wife, especially on such a tight schedule, with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. "Do you and your co-star, who is a real up-and-comer, have great chemistry?" Ryan cracked a joke at the opening of the conversation. Kelly then asked him the question that everyone was curious about: "How would you get apart from each other " Matthew's remark surprised him and he wasn't expecting it. While he did comment in a "yikes" tone, "It's a lot of time together...", he endearingly conceded that it was "far easier and pleasant than I would have anticipated."

When he explained his wife and what it was like to work with her, the actor certainly touched the hearts of the crowd. Though he "thought there would be moments of 'Could you possibly get the hell out of my way for a minute,'" he stated that he "did think there would be times of 'Could you possibly get the hell out of my way for a minute," It was the polar opposite, as he warmly described the event and his wife: "Her presence in the concert makes me very happy... She's a sweetheart who's simple to get along with."