Who destroyed Penelope Cruz' Walk of Fame star?

The star dedicated to the Spanish actress and Oscar winner Penelope Cruz on Madrid's Boulevard of Fame was completely destroyed.

Jun 17, 2022 - 10:03
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Who destroyed Penelope Cruz' Walk of Fame star?
The monument in the form of a plaque in the center of Madrid was smashed to pieces a few days ago, in the early morning hours, and there is no trace of the actress' name. A worker at a nearby bookstore said the plaque was intact around two in the morning when he last saw it.
This is not the first time that one of the 26 stars on Madrid's Boulevard of Fame has been damaged. The star in honor of actress Carmen Maura was stolen a few years ago, while the stars awarded to director Luis Garcia Berlanga and actor Javier Bardem, Penelope's husband, were partially damaged.

Last week, Cruz received the Spanish National Film Award for 2022 from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in recognition of her successes in 2021 and her "outstanding career" in film, which began in 1992. The jury awarded the prize in recognition of an actress whose brilliant acting enriches Spain's cultural heritage.  The jury of the "National Cinema 2022" unanimously decided to pay tribute to the actress born in Madrid, and in a statement, it states that she is an acting icon whose brilliant legacy enriches the Spanish cultural heritage. "Dedicated to her skill, she seeks excellence in her work, which allows her to create some of the most memorable characters in the history of our cinematography," the announcement reads.
This is new in the series of awards for Cruz, after the "Oscar" for the best-supporting actress in the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and the highest awards at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals for the films "Volver" and "Parallel Mothers".
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez congratulated Cruz on the new award and said that she was "the personification of cinematography, Spanish and international", and that she was adorned with "enormous talent and exceptional performances"
The Madrid Walk of Fame opened in June 2011 with a total of 25 stars, and it was planned to add new names every year. However, in 11 years, only one star has been added, actor Luis Escobar, and residents often complain about the poor condition of some of the features.

Post by: Rinna James