Millie Bobby Brown is the star of 'Stranger things'

Millie Bobby Brown became famous thanks to her role in the hit series 'Stranger Things', whose new, fourth season is still on the top of the list of the most-watched titles.

Jul 8, 2022 - 11:58
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Millie Bobby Brown is the star of 'Stranger things'

'Oh my God! A lot happened with the character Eleven, who I play in the series 'Stranger Things'. The fourth season brings a lot of laughter and tears ' says the 18-year-old actress of British origin Millie Bobby Brown, who is successfully breaking into the world acting scene. She is known as one of the best actresses of the new generation.

The American science fiction television series 'Stranger Things' has been airing on Netflix since 2016, and it launched the young actress into serious acting waters. Millie recently revealed how she prepared for the role.

'Watching series such as 'Hannah Montana', I learned the American accent and I did well in the series,' explains the British woman who agreed on a marriage pact, or a hypothetical marriage, with her colleague from the series Noah Schnapp. The duo who play Eleven and Will Byers met on the set of the first season of the series of the same name in 2015 and they have been best friends ever since.

While promoting the latest fourth season of the science fiction drama that holds the title of the most watched on Netflix, they revealed their marriage plans.

'We agreed that if we are not married by 40, we will get married because we would be good roommates. Totally platonic, we'd be really good roommates,' Millie said before explaining that this hypothetical marriage didn't involve children.'Only dogs! And separate bedrooms, that's for sure,' adds the successful teenager who, after moving to Los Angeles in 2013, got roles in the popular series Introduction to Anatomy' and 'NCIS' and in the movie 'Enola Holmes', in which she played the main character role.

She also met her boyfriend in Los Angeles and today she is in a happy relationship with 20-year-old Jake Bongiovi, the son of rock star Jon Bon Jovi, with whom she has been sharing happiness and love for more than a year. The couple often posts joint photos on social networks, and on some of them, they exchange affections.

In addition, the attention of the media was also attracted because of her friendship with the rapper Drake, which many characterized as very strange. The fans were most appalled by the 17-year age difference. The star of the series 'Stranger Things' and the Canadian rapper began their friendship in 2017 in Australia, and at the 2018 Emmy Awards, Millie Bobby Brown said:

'I love him, honestly. Drake is a great friend of mine and a great role model. We recently exchanged messages and he told me that he misses me,' she pointed out, and many people found it strange why a grown man in his thirties sends messages to a little girl, gives her life lessons and constantly calls her as she once said. We have no doubt that we will write more about this girl soon! 

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