Myth of charging battery: This is true and stick to it

Finally, to settle the dispute over whether charging a mobile phone at night affects the battery (and the phone itself)...

Jun 19, 2022 - 19:30
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Myth of charging battery: This is true and stick to it

We have already spoken on behalf of the idea of charging the phone at night, but also against it, and this is one of those never-ending hot topics that provoke the biggest disagreements among our users, especially when it comes to the battery.

So far, we've been able to read about it on the websites of research businesses, independent laboratories, and other institutions, but phone manufacturers haven't advertised themselves.

This time, we only have one such situation - one of the largest phone manufacturers has recently published its position on whether charging the phone at night harms the battery or not.

Anyway, we're sure the solution will surprise many!

Many mobile phone users leave their phones on the charger at night and go to bed, confident that their gadgets will be full when they wake up.

Charging the phone overnight, on the other hand, will damage the battery because, according to Huawei, and who knows these things better than the business at the forefront of creating technologies for fast and smart charging, charging overnight accelerates the degradation of the phone battery.

We frequently have no choice but to charge our phones overnight. However, this means that the phone's battery remains completely charged for an extended period of time, i.e. till we wake up.

When the battery's anode is exposed to high potential for an extended period of time, the anode components progressively degrade and release oxygen, which subsequently oxidizes the solvent molecules in the liquid electrolyte to produce carbon dioxide gas.

This is an irreversible reaction technique. As time passes, the anode components and liquid electrolyte are constantly consumed, and the battery steadily deteriorates and ages. As a result, battery performance has suffered in a variety of ways, including reduced capacity and higher internal resistance.

Huawei urges users of EMUI 9.0 and newer smartphones to select the Smart Charging option, which is accessible in the Phone Settings and then in the Battery menu, to activate the AI charging mode, which anticipates user habits when charging and prevents battery damage when charging.

This, of course, also applies to HONOR customers of older phones, as the same option was accessible on all of their EMUI 9.0 and newer phones, as well as those with Magic 2.0 and newer software when the two businesses were still one.

Post by: Bryan C.