Natalie Portman’s incredible life story

A Harvard degree, a dream marriage, and a mega-successful career are just a small part of Natalie Portman’s life story.

Jun 25, 2022 - 05:34
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Natalie Portman’s incredible life story

Many consider Natalie Portman one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but also many claim that she is arguably the smartest one. This super talented actress started her career as a 12-year-old girl when she starred in the film 'Leon' with Jean Ren. Her fame did not stop her from graduating from two colleges, so Natalie has a degree in psychology from Harvard, and after this prestigious university, she also graduated in Jewish.

She is fluent in Hebrew and English and understands French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Natalie is one of the few people from Hollywood who is not associated with scandals, and her career has taken an upward trajectory since 2000 when she attracted attention with her role in the film 'Intimacy'. For this role, she was nominated for an Oscar and she also got the Golden globe.

The only rumor that has surfaced about her over almost three decades of her career has been that of musician Moby who stated in his book ‘When It Fell Apart’ that he had been seeing Natalie in her early twenties.

‘I was a bald drunk and she was a beautiful movie star, but she was in my backstage room nonetheless and flirting with me. I was 33 at the time, she was 20, ' he wrote, adding: ' I tried a few times to be her boyfriend, but it didn't work out. I thought I was going to have to explain to her my fear of being in a real relationship, but one night she informed me that she had met someone. I was relieved that I didn't have to explain to her how damaged I was, he concluded. Natalie denied rumors of a relationship with Moby and called him a creepy old man.

Along with numerous other awards, she finally won the Golden Statuette for her role in the film 'Black Swan' .The preparation for the masterful role of the ballerina was, as she herself admitted, extremely demanding. ‘It was a big challenge, but I had a lot of support. All the teachers, choreographers and director shaped me and pushed me down that path. I started with basic ballet movements, two hours a day for the first six months,' she revealed, adding: ' For the next six months, I practiced five hours a day. We added swimming. Then two months, eight hours a day. Physical discipline helped me overcome the emotional side of my character. The life of a ballet dancer is similar to monastic life. They don't drink, they don't go out at night. They don't eat, and the body is constantly exposed to pain.'

With her role in 'Black Swan', she also received a love jackpot. While filming, she met ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and the same year they met, they announced their engagement and shared the good news that they were expecting a baby. 

The couple had a son, Aleph, in June 2011, and the following year they were married in an intimate Jewish ceremony in California. On February 22, 2017, their daughter Amalia was also born. The director of the ballet at the Paris Opera converted to Judaism because of his wife, explaining how important it is for him to be of the same faith as his beloved. Just as Natalie's career did not stand in the way of her education, world fame did not change her in any way. She still lives a quiet, family life with her husband, trying to keep away from the eyes of many curious people, and each of her appearances in public is just a new confirmation of her down-to-earthiness, intelligence and many other qualities.

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