Nea Vrasna: Everything you didn't know about the youngest Greek resort

Nea Vrasna is a summer resort located about 70 km east of Thessaloniki and just as much west of Kavala and Thassos.

Jun 8, 2022 - 16:39
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Nea Vrasna: Everything you didn't know about the youngest Greek resort

Located two kilometers from the new highway Thessaloniki - Kavala, between Asprovalta and Stavros, only forty kilometers from Mount Athos and Ouranopolis, is an ideal location for a real family vacation, but also a starting point for many excursions and tours of many beaches in the area. On the shores of the warm Aegean Sea, in the heart of the Thessaloniki district, there is a relatively new, yet well-known and popular summer resort among tourists around the world. Nea Vrasna can be described as a small and quiet village with only 2,500 inhabitants. And during the season, except, of course, noise and crowds due to a large number of tourists, it remains quite calm in the evening due to the lack of clubs and organized nightlife. Due to this information, it is most often recommended as a perfect choice for families with small children and people who want a real vacation. The climate in this place is ideal, a mild breeze makes the greatest heat much more bearable, and the evenings more pleasant. However, what many tourists complain about is the higher presence of mosquitoes compared to other resorts. Therefore, bring some adequate protection, especially for the little ones.

If you decide on organized bus transport and do not want an active vacation with a tour of neighboring places and beaches, do not worry, you will not need a car in Nea Vrasna because everything is close at hand. However, if you are adventurous, lovers of active holidays, and getting to know the surroundings, new places, and new beaches, it is best to go by car. Nea Vrasna is an excellent base for many excursions and exploring the Thessaloniki region. In its immediate vicinity, in addition to the already mentioned Asprovalta, there is also the popular resort of Stavros, and then a little further are Vrasna Paralia, the Olympics, and other places. Nea Vrasna beach is not particularly spacious, it is about one kilometer long. As this summer resort is located between Stavros and Asprovalta, it can be said that each place has its own piece of the same beach, which is a little more than seven kilometers. For years, he has been a proud bearer of the blue flag for his purity. It is decorated, and equipped with showers, changing cabins, and various facilities for fun activities and organized water sports.