Netflix series that will not get a long-awaited sequel

The fates of some heroes we will never know! All the Netflix series that will not get a long-awaited sequel are here.

Dec 26, 2022 - 17:37
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Netflix series that will not get a long-awaited sequel

There are series that are "instant hits" and that in a very short time win the audience from all over the world, and there are those that fall into oblivion very easily while leaving their authors in great debt. Although sometimes it simply takes time to "fall in love" with some achievements and give them a chance, in the merciless market of streaming services, few projects have the luxury of reaching their viewers in such a way. As soon as a series accumulates enough negative reviews or the ratings start to drop, it is almost certain that it will not get a sequel.

Netflix has thus canceled the filming of new seasons for many of its series this year, although some of them have gained a solid number of fans. Here are some of them:

"Another Life"

The science fiction series "Another Life" followed a group of astronauts on a space mission who, as expected, encounter numerous dangers on their journey.

Already in the first season, it divided the audience, but already after the second season, Netflix decided to cancel it in March of this year.

"Archive 81"

"Archive 81" promised a lot and even predicted a record viewership. The series, written by Rebecca Sonnenschein, follows restoration expert Dan Turner (Mamedu Atei), who receives an unusual job offer from a wealthy man named Virgil Davenport (Martin Donovan).

Turner is tasked with restoring a collection of damaged video tapes from the nineties, and since they are in such poor condition, he must reach Virgil's estate in an inaccessible forest.

It turns out that the tapes contain footage of a student (Dina Šihabi) investigating a strange case of a fire in an apartment complex.

Dan soon becomes obsessed with the video, which leads him to the discovery of a terrifying cult.

It was widely praised by critics, and on the website Rotten Tomatoes, it had a rating of as high as 92 percent. However, her fans will probably never know what happened to her protagonists after the dramatic finale, since Netflix has given up on the second season.


The sitcom "Blockbuster" was not considered the most creative content on Netflix, and it seems that it did not even make the most of its premise

Inspired by the popular "Office" series, "Blockbuster" followed a team working at the last video club in America as they struggle to keep their business relevant in the digital age. However, the audience gave it a modest rating of only 5.1 on IMDb, and the critics did not have many words of praise either.


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