Netflix subscribers are furious!

Users of this streaming service claim that this login method is wrong!

Feb 3, 2023 - 17:00
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Netflix subscribers are furious!

Netflix subscribers have noticed a major flaw in the plan for sharing user passwords. As the cost crisis continues to ravage our lives, many people have been left disappointed by Netflix's crackdown on password sharing.

As previously announced, Netflix will try to prevent password sharing by requiring users to connect to their home internet network every month. Otherwise, their account will be blocked. But it seems that this method may not be as good as the company had hoped because movie and TV fans have just noticed a major flaw.

"What if I'm not home for more than a month?"

Users of this streaming service claim that this login method is flawed because you could lose access to your own legitimate account if you're away from home for more than one month.

In the Netflix Bangers Facebook group, one wrote: "Is it true that we have to log into Netflix from home every month or we'll get blocked? It makes no sense. What if we're away from home?" ."So my husband who is a truck driver and he is sometimes gone for up to 3 months will be blocked if he can't log in from home? Netflix is ​​ridiculous," another person wrote. "Netflix is ​​getting greedy," a third user commented.

The new anti-password sharing measures are designed to prevent people from sharing their accounts with those outside their households. For years, this was an established habit of using Netflix that they were proud of in the company - partners, friends and family often helped each other using the same account.

However, this will no longer be allowed and instead, users will have to pay extra if they want to share their account with someone outside their household.

The rules were removed the same day

The news that Netflix would block devices "without a full explanation" and the question of what this would mean for people who commute, students who do not live with their parents, or those who live in multiple homes "were not well received by users," according to The Streamable. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the rules are currently in place, but not yet for all countries.


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